What’s New on SurfShot version 8

The New SurfShot is Live!

Last year 2010, over half a million people visited Surfshot. With such a kick ass surfing community behind us, we felt it was time to give even more awesomeness back to you. Therefore…

The Surf Report is Now FREE!

You heard right…Our surf reports are now 100% free! No more subscription is required to get the best daily updates on San Diego beaches. For you folks that previously had premium memberships, you will no longer be billed. We thank you especially for your years of loyalty. To offer you something in return…

Surf Spots for All California Beaches Are Now Available!

We have added all the major surf spots along the entire California coast. Now local surfers and businesses can post surf reports, photos, videos and other sweet local content. And to make that a killer experience…

It Is Easier Than Ever to Upload Your Surf Photos, Videos and More!

With only a few easy steps, you can upload entire sets of surf photos, videos and write about your best waves and favorite spots. Ever since the dawn of SurfShot we have been about bringing it to the people. Our grass roots philosophy is what makes this site so good. So we want to give you even more power to OWN these pages!

Welcome to Our New Online Surfing Community Site.

We thank all our current members for their loyal support, and heartily welcome the noobs into our realm. We hope that you enjoy what we have created for you!

Peace and Good Waves,

The SurfShot Crew