SurfShot Privacy Policy


SurfShot Media, Inc. is committed to protecting the privacy of our members and other users of As part of the normal operation of, we collect information from you. This Privacy Statement describes the information we collect about you and how that information may be used.

Information Gathered through

SurfShot will track the domains from which people visit in order to gain aggregate data that may be analyzed for trends and statistics. Subject to the provisions of this Privacy Statement, SurfShot may use accumulated aggregate data for several purposes including, but not limited to the following:

* Fulfill subscriptions and other orders

* To do our best to make sure that is compatible with the browsers and operating systems used by most of our visitors.

* Notify you of relevant new products and features on (unless you opt out from receiving such information)

* Personalize the content and advertising you will see based on your preferences

* Notify you of promotions from and from SurfShot Media, Inc. of companies (unless you opt out from receiving such information)

* Allow reputable third parties to send you information (again, unless you opt out from receiving such information)

* Respond to customer service inquiries

* Fix site problems

We also use the information for in-house research to:

* Improve our understanding of customer needs in developing, SurfShot Magazine and other SurfShot-related businesses.

* Build marketing profiles

* Aid strategic development

* Manage our relationship with advertisers

What do we mean by aggregate data? By way of example, we may know by analyzing IP addresses that 20% of our users are coming to our Web site from outside of California or that the Bikini of the Day is the second most visited page on our site, and we may tell potential business partners this information. However, we would never say to such a potential partner, you know that dude Chappy Johnson? He likes pintails, eating sushi and traveling to Hawaii in the off-season. Here is his email address and cell phone number.

SurfShot may conduct surveys or other studies of its user base and usage for marketing and planning purposes. Participation in such surveys is at the user’s option. With respect to information collected from such surveys or studies, and in the event that responses are to be publicly disclosed, users will be notified at the time they take the survey and SurfShot will disclose only aggregate information regarding its users and not personal information identifying any specific individual. In cases where surveys allow users to submit written comments, and where SurfShot advises users of the possibility of such disclosure at the time they take the survey, SurfShot reserves the right to disclose text information provided by any user through such a survey, provided that no personal information identifying that user is disclosed. Circumstances under which SurfShot would publicly disclose aggregate information include, but are not limited to, sharing survey results with our business partners, providing data to SurfShot advertisers on user preferences and/or demographics, business planning, and publicizing overall usage data in press communications and business plans.


SurfShot uses “cookies” to provide users with tailored information. A cookie is an element of data that a web site, when visited by a user, sends to that user’s browser which, in turn, may store that element on the user’s hard drive or memory. SurfShot uses cookies to better serve users of Any cookies sent by SurfShot will be marked so that they will be accessible only by subject to this Privacy Statement. However, at the users option and at the users sole expense and responsibility, any user may block or delete SurfShot cookies from the users hard drive or memory. However, by disabling cookies, certain site features and functionality may no longer work properly, or at all.

Other Notification

In order to implement or enforce our Terms of Use, SurfShot may use user-provided email addresses to contact users on an individual basis. At no time, unless such disclosure is required by law, a governmental agency, or specifically authorized by the user, will SurfShot disclose individual user personal information to unrelated third parties that is not publicly available.


Users may “opt-out” of receiving site notifications, newsletters, or other information via email. Users may remove themselves from such services at their discretion. Any email sent by SurfShot will include directions for how a user may remove himself or herself from the list, or a URL where the user may find such directions.

To opt-out of receiving site notifications, newsletters, or other information via email, go here:

Profile Display

In some cases, a users personal information may be publicly available through such user’s profile display. In such cases, users have the option to opt out of publicly displaying their personal information, including email addresses. Users may also enlist this technique when posing comments on certain In cases where site profiles allow users to display optional information publicly, such entry and display is at the user’s discretion and may be changed at any time by the user.

To edit your Member profile, go here:

Classified Ads

You must be a member to create a classified ad on the SurfShot web site. When you create an ad, the email address in your member profile will automatically be displayed in your ad. Again, to edit the email address in your member profile, go here:


On certain pages of, Members and Insiders can view their data on their personal profile page. When technically feasible, users are permitted to update their personal information directly through SurfShot. When such updating service is not technically feasible, SurfShot will make reasonable efforts to assist users in updating their personal information.

Minigroms and Other Children Under 13

SurfShot does not intentionally collect any personally identifiable information from individuals under the age of 13. When necessary, underage users will be told not to submit any personal details and we will make every effort to delete any details of such users where a parent or guardian has informed us that these details have been collected.


To secure site integrity, SurfShot employs measures, including but not limited to security audits, use of encryption tools and software, and other reasonable security measures and procedures. Internal access to users’ private and nonpublic personal information is restricted to site administrators and individuals on a need-to-know basis.

No Guarantees for Factors Beyond SurfShot’s Control

While this Privacy Policy expresses SurfShot’s standards for maintenance of private data, we cannot guarantee that these standards will always be met. There may be factors beyond SurfShot’s control that may result in disclosure of data. As a consequence, SurfShot disclaims to the maximum extent permissible by law any warranties or representations relating to maintenance or nondisclosure of private information.

Changes to this Privacy Policy.

SurfShot reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Please check this page periodically for changes. Your continued use of our site following the posting of changes to these terms will mean you accept those changes. Information collected prior to the time