Taj x Machado Rd2 Ht2 – 2009 Hurley Pro

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16 Comments to Taj x Machado Rd2 Ht2 – 2009 Hurley Pro

  1. franckzua April 9, 2015

    yeah taj’s surf is more about power… but machado has waaaay better style
    than taj… and is 100 times more creative

  2. sk8andeat April 9, 2015

    taj is not powerful he is light footed

  3. simbapoop April 9, 2015

    rob has definitely more style

  4. Fernando Morales April 9, 2015

    taj should won this heat

  5. Fernando Morales April 9, 2015

    WTF? first against taj and then against parko? this is bullshit HURLEY IS
    DIRTY! machado is not that good as taj and parko the thing is that hurley
    is giving preferences to the locals

  6. gcranebass99 April 9, 2015

    ya rite….rob all the way

  7. OKEYETHIN April 9, 2015

    nah machado was more creative, if you dont have the creative lines its not
    as wicked

  8. hepafa April 9, 2015

    Yeah!!! Soul wins against Power

  9. Connor James April 9, 2015

    bull shit taj should have won

  10. Fernando Morales April 9, 2015

    I agree man! Machado got preference from Hurley

  11. dudududup April 9, 2015

    rob machado have done more expressive turns like the reverse and the air
    and taj strong snaps but i agree rob won

  12. noneofur buisiness April 9, 2015

    taj born in cali lives in aus , rob born in aus lives in cali. taj new he
    wasnt going to win and gave up. poor guy how old is he and still not a champ

  13. sk8andeat April 9, 2015

    he just looks like he has a powerful style because he throws his arms up
    when he does turns

  14. blimpeof3 April 9, 2015

    nice surf

  15. surf367 April 9, 2015

    taj should of won he was riding way better

  16. jdietlin April 9, 2015

    who cares…the surf sucks

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Heat on Demand video: Taj Burrow (AUS) – 15.00pt Rob Machado (USA) – 15.16pt.
Video Rating: 4 / 5