Surfing America Prime – Uppers

Jack McDaniel
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5 Comments to Surfing America Prime – Uppers

  1. jcocozza
    jcocozza April 13, 2011

    Hell yeah Jack. Sick video.

  2. uilhao
    uilhao April 13, 2011


  3. Jack McDaniel
    Jack McDaniel April 13, 2011

    Thanks uilhao and John. I actually started doing video before shooting still. I’m slowly moving back to video I think ;-)

  4. surf-and-scuba
    surf-and-scuba April 13, 2011

    Great editing. Cool song. Good job! Makes me want to go surf all those clean rights at Trestles…

  5. Jack McDaniel
    Jack McDaniel April 13, 2011

    Thanks – I really appreciate it. I’m very lucky to be involved with Surfing America and also to be located in San Clemente. The surfers in the organization and around the local are astonishing, and that’s no exaggeration. It really helps to get good video segments.

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Some clips from the Surfing America Prime comp held at Upper Trestles.
Music: Gary Fico