NEW Brain Farm Digital Cinema 2012 Reel

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24 Comments to NEW Brain Farm Digital Cinema 2012 Reel

  1. il100374 February 12, 2013

    This kind of video makes you question what you’re doing with your life.

  2. Dmitrij Kudraň February 12, 2013

    Is this a trailer on life?

  3. boogalice February 12, 2013

    Hm. Make it not suck then!

  4. Eweryno February 12, 2013

    this video makes me realize life is great..if you make it great.

  5. Gabriel Murray February 12, 2013

    Where can i find more of the ford gt film?

  6. Luke2key February 12, 2013

    and there is still no existing link to a soundcloud profile ? ;) 

  7. MadFlenser February 12, 2013

    about 30 seconds into the vid, if that, I realized your channel must be liked, subscribed to, and shared with everyone. amazing vid.

  8. waterloo995 February 12, 2013

    @LOLZOR1337hax amen to that…lol

  9. waterloo995 February 12, 2013

    can someone please tell me what the name of the song is?

  10. jomu23 February 12, 2013

    Life. I think I’m doing it wrong.

  11. NAGASAKICHINGCHONG February 12, 2013

    whats the name of that song!?

  12. TheBrunch February 12, 2013

    Awesome work, BrainFarm!!!! i would love to do things like that :) keep it on, you guys rock

  13. Chris Goodhue February 12, 2013

    im going to go to something awesome

  14. David Dragan February 12, 2013


  15. TheStupidJawa February 12, 2013

    I love my life

  16. Saint Raphael February 12, 2013

    @BrainFarmCinema You guys are the best<3

  17. Andrew Escue February 12, 2013

    I thought the same thing

  18. Matthias Kalbermatter February 12, 2013

    welcome to the real world, boys! ;-)

  19. Finlay Beaton February 12, 2013

    I hate my life.

  20. lanbernas February 12, 2013

    the song reminds me of we own the sky m83

  21. Danny Nard February 12, 2013

    im a young film maker and brain farm is 100% of my current inspiration.

  22. behindthewallsleepin February 12, 2013

    right, but who are they?

  23. reanimationxp February 12, 2013

    both the blonde and the brunette in the leather.

  24. behindthewallsleepin February 12, 2013


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