Kolohe Andino and YoungWiseTails

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25 Comments to Kolohe Andino and YoungWiseTails

  1. Caligroms February 13, 2013

    3:12 to 3:19 one amazing wave

  2. Molly Lewis February 13, 2013


  3. Riley Coleman February 13, 2013

    that was like watching an air reverse montage

  4. Rowan Fitch February 13, 2013

    does KA have target 4 a corporate sponsor i saw a target sticker on his board

  5. flowridaboy93 February 13, 2013

    10:46 was fuckin huge..

  6. Lane Williams February 13, 2013


  7. shredding1000 February 13, 2013

    what are the songs throughout the video

  8. dia de February 13, 2013

    0:52 se um cara aparecer com uma bermuda dessa aqui no brasil ele vai ser motivo de piada! rsrsrsrs!!!

  9. guitarsurfer2010 February 13, 2013

    On my page I also make many positive supportive comments.
    I watched Eddie Aikau, Gerry Lopez, Barry Kanaiapuni,
    Billy Hamilton surfing live. Duke Kahanamoku spoke of
    the importance of making the wave.
    As An elder surfer who has paid my dues,
    I am going to point out to the current surfers the
    aspects of their surfing.
    Also note that the poster of this video, Lane Williams replies
    to me in agreement

  10. David Roche February 13, 2013

    mate everyone is entitled to an opinion im just saying your a negative guy who loves being negative…..aspects of a douche

  11. guitarsurfer2010 February 13, 2013

    40 years surfing Hawaii.
    Built an Avocado farm out of virgin rain forest on Hawaii
    Puerto Rico
    1974 El Salvador for 3 months
    7 trips to El Salvador
    3rd degree Tae Kwon Do Black Belt
    Jazz Guitarist
    I am entitled to an opinion
    Your punk talk doesn’t count unless it’s to my face.

  12. David Roche February 13, 2013

    so firstly dont see any videos of you even surfing so why are you dogging?
    secondly it counts if you ride out of it
    thirdly, i went to you page and all you do is put negative comments on peoples videos
    you my friend are a douche bag

  13. guitarsurfer2010 February 13, 2013

    The airs are non functional,
    95% of airs the surfer does not make the wave or even continue.
    It does not count if you don’t make the wave .
    Notice they always edit right after the air
    thats because the air guy is floundering in the soup.

  14. Lane Williams February 13, 2013

    Thickfreakness – Black Keys

  15. berenj1 February 13, 2013

    what’s the name of the song of the las sequence please?

  16. TonyHawkLookalike February 13, 2013

    I’ve noticed this for awhile now… Kolohe’s boards do not look right. They chatter and do not track well. He surfs very aggressively, always on the attack looking for speed and air set-ups. But this results in too much wasted energy. He should experiment with more volume, more width, less rocker, swallow tails, and possibly quad set-ups. He may even want to consider epoxy such as Firewire for more buoyancy. I think that would help his surfing translate better for the judges.

  17. narcar00 February 13, 2013

    like this comment just do it

  18. Kooleurful February 13, 2013

    “A Hugh. G. Rection Surf film” Haha, this is too funny

  19. Ryan Lancer February 13, 2013

    what kind of board is kolohe riding? Scorcher?

  20. BKramerProductions February 13, 2013


  21. giant regrigerator February 13, 2013

    ramones to? nice playlist bro

  22. giant regrigerator February 13, 2013

    awesome music. gotta love pentagram.

  23. Vincent D'Angelo February 13, 2013

    @9:00 too bad salt creek never looks like that… of course only when kolohe is there

  24. Zion Foster February 13, 2013

    awesome i love it

  25. Dane Taylor February 13, 2013

    04:55 thats Coolangatta…not Mexico

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