GoPro Snowboarding Tim Humphreys 2012 Handheld Self Filming Hero 2

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  1. Tim Humphreys December 31, 2012

    march I think. that zone holds clouds like none other. took weeks till the sun popped : /

  2. Tim Humphreys December 31, 2012

    part 2: here’s what you need to look out for with backside rodeos. you get mega pop, and it’s really easy to go too big, and throw it too hard. you get a little more pop than on a straight air, so if you are knuckling doing a straight air, than that’s a good spot to start for a back rodeo. If you find yourself flipping too fast in the air, turn your head early and go 7, otherwise you won’t get to your feet. It’s just a backflip and a late 180. not a lot of effort involved

  3. Tim Humphreys December 31, 2012

    Yoyoyo!! did you hit up my fanpage or my regular page? I dont look at my fanpage really. come on you really think I forgot you?! back rodeos are so easy. you ride totally flat base up the lip, roll it straight backwards (not cartwheel style) and once you are about 3/4 the way around (chest facing the ground) spot the knuckle and do a late backside 180. you want to land on your toes, looking at the knuckle. wait till youre landing is locked in to look down the hill

  4. Randy Schmidt December 31, 2012

    stevens pass kicker was sick. What month was that?

  5. billy bob December 31, 2012

    Tim its Karsen from hcsc. I tried 2 get to u on fb, but I was wondering if u could give me some tips on rodeos. I’m starting up contests in a lil, and I’m hoping 2 get sponsored this year. Rodeos will help my chances, so any advice would be great thanks!!! (ps I was the 1 who landed my 1st frontflip and backflip in the same day thanks 2 u :)

  6. Daniel Porras December 31, 2012

    no snow at all! gotta love jersey! creek is opening next week though maybe ill see you there haha

  7. Tim Humphreys December 31, 2012

    yeah man, my friend Nial gave me some songs, and once I heard this jam, I knew it was the one

  8. hippysnowboarder December 31, 2012

    Loving the use of Fat Freddy’s and Sick slow motion. Such a good edit.

  9. Tim Humphreys December 31, 2012

    ya, comin back for xmas. is there any snow at all ahahaha?

  10. Daniel Porras December 31, 2012

    Nice edit! you coming back to ride jersey any time soon?

  11. Tim Humphreys December 31, 2012

    yesss! Derp on, new shred homie!

  12. BaronRoy1 December 31, 2012

    best snowboard movie i a while

  13. ExiledProduction December 31, 2012

    as always, great video. keep it up.

  14. Tim Humphreys December 31, 2012

    I could, but it’s honestly too much going on too fast. all the spins are just a blur. I could pick out some raws and put them together for everyone’s viewing pleasure :D

  15. Tim Humphreys December 31, 2012

    no wrist strap for me. just 2 of those little black connectors that come in the box to make a handle. This was all on the Hero2 from last winter. I got a Hero 3 black and a few vids up that I made real quick this fall

  16. nyinfamous2k2 December 31, 2012

    I Been a Humpherys fan and supporter for a long time now bro, keep killing it out there. you know what Id like to see , those slowmo shots that you do holding the camera, in real time ya know. maybe at the end of the next vid you could throw some in to show what its really like, first person prospective, to do what you do . what you think

  17. TacticalHerp December 31, 2012

    Hey I spoke to you a long time ago, I was the one going to snowboard for the first time in the mountains. Now couple months later I’m still going for snowboarding! :) I’m going to buy a snowboard soon!

  18. cassandcon December 31, 2012

    Niiiice Fellas!

  19. shecky6574 December 31, 2012

    Nice. Got two questions, are you using the wrist strap for most of the filming? and assuming you have the hero 3 silver?

  20. Tim Humphreys December 31, 2012

    Biggupps to everyone for all the support and positive comments! You’re all the reason why I keep making videos :D 

  21. Tim Humphreys January 1, 2013

    wheelie :D nahh, I drop it back in off the snowbank, or borrow someone’s ramp until i get one of my own

  22. ubcstudios January 1, 2013

    that is great! cool video

  23. james wight January 1, 2013

    r u related to kris hompfreas

  24. Greg Tucker January 1, 2013

    great vid love the NZ music!!

  25. GoProNV January 1, 2013

    4:20 that was sick shot slow mo then a 360 this video went hard!

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@TimHumphreys on Instagram. Hit me with that follow! All the snowboarding bangers off my GoPro Hero2 from the 2011 2012 season. I’ve been holding onto this edit for some time now, waiting for the Standard Films movie 2112 to come out. It’s available on iTunes, I worked hard all winter to have a part in it. I definitely recommend checking it out! You can watch the teaser on the Standard Films site. This is a little different from my 2011 reel.. it’s got a little something more than just handheld shots this time around. I let a lot of the clips run long, so take a seat, chill out, and just watch. Intro: Slightly Stoopid – This Joint Song: Fat Freddy’s Drop – Cay’s Crays Stay Tuned. B roll edit coming soon, Jam packed with Snowboarding, Subarus, Time Lapses, and wild animal wrestling