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25 Comments to DOLPHIN SURFING WIPEOUT: Extremely Rare Footage

  1. JnthnHuerta October 6, 2012

    I … have no words to describe how stupid a joke like that is.. and how incredibly unintelligent you sound when you write something like that. My 3 year old nephew could have come up with a better joke than yours. Maturity has nothing to do with it.

  2. element509 October 6, 2012

    Well arent you just a mature little cookie arent you?

  3. JnthnHuerta October 6, 2012

    Maybe I would have laughed at that when I was in Kindergarten! 

  4. element509 October 6, 2012

    What, you dont have a sense of humor?

  5. JnthnHuerta October 6, 2012

    what are you? 3 years old?

  6. element509 October 6, 2012

    Obviously some people on here are complete retards and wont see through my sarcasm.

  7. JnthnHuerta October 6, 2012

    that was not a dolphin wipeout.

  8. JnthnHuerta October 6, 2012

    wow. really?

  9. dumbbroadcasts October 6, 2012

    how does a dolphin wipeout? its not like it lives in the water

  10. mq292 October 6, 2012

    was expecting to see someone fall off a dolphin.

  11. illusion887 October 6, 2012

    that was gnarly.. the dolphin almost drowned

  12. malaihiboi October 6, 2012

    Every true surfer knows that going with the flow is all part of it. Being that dolphins live in the ocean, i’m pretty sure this is more like playing rough for it than anything. No problems besides the thoughts of the unwise in their own head.

  13. element509 October 6, 2012

    No wonder it had a wipeout. It didnt even have a board for petes sake!

    (Sarcasm for those who dont know)

  14. hossinator85 October 6, 2012


  15. Eric Luu October 6, 2012

    0:37. Was that a human?

  16. elijahking100 October 6, 2012

    not really rare when there are 20 other videos of the same thing

  17. wheyez October 6, 2012

    Haven’t surfed with dolphins much have you? See that sort of thing all the time, until you show me a dolphin going over the falls out of control, you haven’t captured what you claim!

  18. 1flat5th October 6, 2012

    that dolphin barely felt the wave. It was at least 3 feet under water and going as fast as the wave…I bet.

  19. luvh8ucantchangeme October 6, 2012

    I guess we all wipeout :)

  20. spliffatized October 6, 2012

    he turned away cause he saw that great white watching that surfer at :20

  21. SD2OCsponger October 6, 2012

    Awesome! Had the same thing happen to me before. I wiped out and was going through the washing machine when i bumped into something under water. I came up and started looking around thinking i ran into my friend, when a dolphin came up for air about a foot away from me. One of my best dolphin expierences right behind when i watch a mother teaching her baby how to surf a wave. Dolphins Rock!

  22. MrPussyPlower October 6, 2012

    You sound like that asshole daniel tosh. “And for that we thank you”.

  23. Socopunk October 6, 2012

    he chongo’d it

  24. Edge Watersports October 6, 2012


  25. raywagman October 6, 2012

    I’m sorry, no miscalculation here

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Extremely rare footage of a dolphin wipeout while it was bodysurfing a wave. One of the dolphins miscalculates his ride, and ends up in the impact zone. You can see the the dolphin frantically kicking its’ tail before the wave crashes on it. This is the only known footage of a dolphin miscalculating a bodysurfing ride. Period.