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  1. jcocozza
    jcocozza May 9, 2011

    awesome video bubba. love the music track, is that Wax Tailor?

  2. bubbz71
    bubbz71 May 9, 2011

    Thank you! the band is actually the Submarines and the songs called 1940

  3. surfshot
    surfshot May 9, 2011

    Hey Bubba. Thanks for joining the site. Video looks awesome. Very talented. I reviewed your profile page. If you are available for hire you should put an email or contact info on your profile page so other users can contact you if they want to hire you for video work, or hire you to film them out surfing.

  4. uilhao
    uilhao May 9, 2011

    ah yes, this reminds me why I walk down that long rugged road to the break…

  5. bubbz71
    bubbz71 May 10, 2011

    Thank you! I updated my profile page and added my email and a link to my website. I’ll be posting a some more videos over the next few days

  6. surf-and-scuba
    surf-and-scuba May 11, 2011

    Sick video! Makes me want to go to Blacks now

  7. Thrill_Corps
    Thrill_Corps June 2, 2011

    Love this video! Just posted it to our Facebook page.

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This is a video I made over the course of 3 days at Blacks Beach. The surfers in it are local San Diego surfers and close friends of mine. Music: The Submarines-1940