Andy Irons Pipeline Masters Finals vs Kelly Slater surfing

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25 Comments to Andy Irons Pipeline Masters Finals vs Kelly Slater surfing

  1. cowbush October 23, 2012

    AI forever. All u haters out there can’t even surf hahaha

  2. Loretta Mackenzie October 23, 2012

    I had Andy’s winning wave from that contest in photo sequence as my desktop background until my other computer crashed. It was great to see it every morning and watch that burrrrrrrrrn ;-)

  3. miehe rashad October 23, 2012

    Andy’s not dead, God just needed surf lessons!

  4. ligialigeira October 24, 2012

    5:30 INSANE! O_O

  5. Guilherme Luiz October 24, 2012

    Irons forever

  6. agosneto73 October 24, 2012


  7. gigglymanz October 24, 2012

    Lookout for Clay Marzo, the braddahs a beast. HES THE NEXT BEST SURFER

  8. Ali Nadre October 24, 2012

    That’s for sure one of the greatest heats in the the whole history of surfing !!!!

  9. nailuhai October 24, 2012

    god only took AI cuz he wanted to shake da hand of a real man. RIP ANDY U WILL B MISSED

  10. startvideonow October 24, 2012

    Watch : Perfect Surf - Andy Irons and Kelly Slater ….. good video

  11. pizaz12345 October 24, 2012

    i just watched this for the 50th time and i still find myself cheering out loud like an idiot when Andy Irons pulled that backdoor 10 out from under Kelly Slaters 8.73….EPIC

  12. amucas October 24, 2012

    R.I.P AI such a great person.

  13. TheSk8bro October 24, 2012

    rip A.I. forever missed

  14. Arthur Fonseca October 24, 2012

    Rob machado is the best goffy of all times :D

  15. Patrick Nepveu October 24, 2012

    Hi died in 2010 kelly is now the best….

  16. MegaGreendayfan101 October 24, 2012

    the fuck did you just say?

  17. GuilliMasta October 24, 2012

    Andy Irons will be always the best!

  18. merinowine October 24, 2012

    this guy was the boss! and is the only one that make that kelly slater it wasn`t look like that

  19. Ana caroline gomes October 24, 2012

    i miss u andy :(

  20. greyquan October 24, 2012

    He must have tripped and accidentally hit the dislike this button

  21. omar198788 October 24, 2012

    whats the name of that song.

  22. Nate Malinowski October 24, 2012

    RIP Andy, we all miss you!

  23. savagenigga772 October 24, 2012

    Kelly was so pissed he lost, he even hid his check that said 2nd place lmao. Rip Andy Irons always will be the best in my eyes

  24. chrispine71 October 24, 2012

    Andy was sucha a great person in the world! devvo hes gone. But all these guys are great, and millions more are like this..THANK HUEY FOR SURFING

  25. chrispine71 October 24, 2012

    the 5 min 30 wave of andies i cheerd!! yew!!!!!!

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Andy Irons Pipeline Masters Finals vs Kelly Slater surfing