K-38 Surf Reports

K-38 Surf Reports by SurfShot. For some spots we take photos and report on K-38 surf conditions every day. For other surf breaks we provide you with up to the minute marine information: K-38 Tides, Wind, Swell Models and Weather. If you have what it takes to provide the best Surf Report K-38 users can rely upon, contact us to learn more how to participate and bring traffic to your business or website.


K-38 Current Marine Info

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Wave Height - So Cal

Wave Height - So Cal

Bouy San Nicolas Island, CA (067)

Buoy - Wave HeightBuoy - Wave Height
Buoy - Wave DirectionBuoy - Wave Direction
Buoy - Period - AverageBuoy - Period - Average
Buoy - Period DominantBuoy - Period Dominant
Buoy - Water TemperatureBuoy - Water Temperature

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