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Tides - La Jolla

Tides - La Jolla
  • High: 4.62 @ 01:51 AM
  • Low: 0.21 @ 09:13 AM
  • High: 4.13 @ 04:25 PM
  • Low: 2.65 @ 09:46 PM

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Wave Height - So Cal

Wave Height - So Cal

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Head High

4-5/6 mix





Good Morning! While the NW swell tops out today, the SW slowly eases; A mix that’s providing some good waves in selected spots. The main problem is the WN wind, which affects some areas making things somewhat crossed up. While the mainly south spots show 2-3 ft waves, the spots that are also more exposed to WNW swells can see up to 5+ ft. Low tide @9:11 and high@4:16, the big variance also plays a big role on how things will look like. Choose your spot, and have a great day!