Campgrounds Surf Report


Tides for current report

Tides - La Jolla

Tides - La Jolla
  • High: 4.71 @ 01:11 AM
  • Low: 0.94 @ 09:43 AM
  • High: 2.80 @ 06:04 PM
  • Low: 2.80 @ 06:38 PM

Current Swell Model

Wave Height - So Cal

Wave Height - So Cal

Surf Report Details

Chest High

3-4ft W


Moderate from SW



The wind is on it already but still some corners to be found. Some head high sets coming in every 10 min or so. On the mushy side with the wind hitting it but sometimes a nice opening left or right comes through. A few guys out seem to be having fun despite the texture in the water.

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