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Calafia Surf Reports by SurfShot. For some spots we take photos and report on Calafia surf conditions every day. For other surf breaks we provide you with up to the minute marine information: Calafia Tides, Wind, Swell Models and Weather. If you have what it takes to provide the best Surf Report Calafia users can rely upon, contact us to learn more how to participate and bring traffic to your business or website.


Calafia Current Marine Info

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Wave Height - So Cal

Wave Height - So Cal

Bouy San Nicolas Island, CA (067)

Buoy - Wave HeightBuoy - Wave Height
Buoy - Wave DirectionBuoy - Wave Direction
Buoy - Period - AverageBuoy - Period - Average
Buoy - Period DominantBuoy - Period Dominant
Buoy - Water TemperatureBuoy - Water Temperature

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