Wave of Compassion 2004

Wave of Compassion is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the everyday surfer to make history by donating to a non-profit cause benefiting the Mentawai Islands community in Indonesia. One grand prize winner will score an all expense paid boat trip to the Mentawai Islands with well-known surfers Strider Wasilewski, Ben Bourgeois, David Rastovich, Jason Bogle, and Surfer Magazine on a surf/cultural expedition for 10 days. The grand prize winner may bring one friend, spouse or partner to accompany them on the trip.

Through the help and support of Surfer Magazine, Quiksilver, Reef,
Billabong, Saraina Koat Mentawai, and a multitude of additional
supporters, this event's ultimate goal is to raise funds for Surf Aid International, a non-profit corporation. Surf Aid International's overall mission is to promote health and social programs throughout the Mentawai Islands community and to encourage and coordinate the support of the global surfing community.

The Mentawai people are some of the most impoverished on the planet. Basic items such as clean water and sanitation are practically non-existent making general health conditions predictably abysmal. In some areas 50% of children will die before the age of five, and 65% of Mentawai families have lost at least one child (PRA data - UNESCO, Yayasan Citra Mandiri 2000-2001). Regrettably, almost all of these childhood deaths are from preventable and treatable diseases such as measles, tetanus, malaria, and diarrhea.

The Wave of Compassion (WOC) experience will include an upriver visit to a Mentawai village to learn about the Mentawai people and their culture. The crew will visit with Surf Aid's founder, Dr. Dave Jenkins, to witness and participate in Surf Aid's frontline efforts to combat malaria and disease on the islands. And of course, the winning surfers will have their mind utterly altered by 10 days of perfect surf-with four of the best surfers on the planet giving them pointers. The sponsored surfers' involvement in this event will undoubtedly establish a benchmark for future goodwill efforts in the Mentawai Islands and beyond.

"Wave of Compassion reflects the global surfing community's increasing awareness of the need to give back." said Dr. Dave Jenkins, Chairman and Medical Director for Surf Aid International , "and we're pleased to demonstrate how creatively it can be done."

This event will run from May to September when the grand prize winner will be announced. In addition to the grand prize trip, a variety of prizes will be given away on monthly basis to keep things interesting. Please visit www.waveofcompassion.org for event information, updates, information about Surf Aid International and the Mentawai Islands, and the official rules and regulations governing this fundraiser.

With your support - everybody wins!

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