The Todos Santos Big Wave Event, fueled by PASSION


Rogue Wave Events presents:

The 2010 Todos Santos Big Wave Event Fueled by passion!

Big Wave Surfers want to compete at Todos Santos – one of the top big wave spot in the world - and they want it big! With the major sponsor of the event bailing out a week before the start of the waiting period (due to internal issues), surfers were unanimous in their desire to have the event anyway even with a minimal budget and limited (or no) prize-money. Surfer representative Greg Long in an unprecedented move accepted to participate in financing the event if the budget is not closed by the participation of new supporting sponsors!! In an era of massive, big dollar budget surfing events, the 2010 Todos Santos Big Wave Event is a return to the core of big wave surfing with focus on the wave and the riders (an underground charge driven by passion). The only request from the invitees deprived of purse, is to have the event in massive gigantic surf - They want it Big!

This unique event will unfold in one epic day of surfing in waves exceeding 30-foot faces.

This year Rogue Wave Events will defy the logistical obstacles of producing a grandiose event in heavy sea and on a remote island with a limited budget but large on passion!

As current Big Wave World Tour Leader and surfer representative, Greg Long declared, this event is sure to “become one of the greatest big wave contests”. Gary Linden, Event Director, renown big wave surfer and legendary shaper is stoked to have the event back at his local big wave spot “I love Baja and Todos, this event is 15 years in the making, thanks to the surfers and supporting sponsors for pushing big wave surfing”.

The top international big wave surfers are delighted to add another big wave venue to the calendar and be able to showcase their talents. Event’s invitee and 9 times world champion Kelly Slater put it in simple words, paddling into monster waves and competing against the best big wave riders in the world “could be fun”!

WHAT:> Paddle-in surfing international competition. A Big Wave World Tour Event

WHO: 24 of the best big wave surfers in the world, Including Greg Long, Peter Mel, Carlos Burle, Kelly Slater, Grant Baker, Coco Nogales, & More…

WHERE: Mexico, Baja California Norte, Ensenada, Island of Todos Santos at “Killers”

WHEN: Waiting Period February 1st to February 28th 2010.

The event will be held on the biggest/best day of the waiting period.

Official Swell Forecaster Surfline will permit to “call” the event 72 to 48 hours in advance.

Rogue Wave Events
Cell: +1 760 712 8782

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