Stop The Baja K39 Port Project


Another crazy marina project is slated for the K-39 reef. The above image from the Stop The K39 Port Project petition shows exactly how the marina will also destroy K-38 and have a huge impact on the surrounding environment. Please forward this to every surfer you know. We need to get 200 more petition sign ons. Local surfers in Northern Baja are helping to fight this project.

Read "Stop The K39 Port Project" Petition Here


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12 Comments to Stop The Baja K39 Port Project

  1. Joe Ewing
    ewing October 18, 2010

    Too bad but what do you expect. It’s the surf stupid. First they walled off 38′s. Then they put a faux pirat ship at Califia. Next was a Wall around Mushrooms followed by this MARINA PROJECT. That 100 foot statue to Jesus will cry bloody tears when those greedy bastards take away the reefs.

  2. franko
    franko October 19, 2010

    My question is who is financing the project? Much of the construction in Baja is being done by U.S. investors. Just take a look at what has happened in Cabo San Lucas! Even here in San Diego county, access to the beach is becoming more limited. If we can’t prevent it here, how are we going to stop it in another country!

  3. Joe Ewing
    ewing October 20, 2010

    What make this one different is that the entire project is to be constructed in the “marine zone”. That can’t happen without full cooperation from the Mexican Government.

  4. keeniedog
    keeniedog October 21, 2010

    Cooperation from the Mexican govenment is just a matter of payola. Personally i like K38 the way it is now. Uncrowded and out of sight from the toll road. Lots of big projects come and go in Baja without completion. Hopefully the slow economy and fear of travelling south of the border will kill this one.

  5. keeniedog
    keeniedog October 21, 2010

    After reading more about this project im convinced its a disaster in the making. First the marine habitat will be distroyed. Next without natural protection the marina will be distroyed by storms. Leaving an environmental mess that no one is going to clean up. This is way way a bad idea.

  6. Joe Ewing
    ewing October 21, 2010

    This is probably part of the Escalera Nautica project.

  7. alb70 October 21, 2010

    this whole thing stinks worse than the fish market in ensenada.

  8. srfdncr October 22, 2010

    Who the hell surfs in Baja anymore anyway? Until the Mexican government can assure our safety, no American should be contributing to their economy down there. Who cares, good riddance!

  9. eclower1111 October 23, 2010

    Northern Baja is a f—-ng dump and I will never go back. I do sympathize with the local Mexican surfers however who have to live there. An escape for these guys/girls is surfing good waves.

  10. slobairs360 October 26, 2010

    I agree with the last two posts, Baja used to be a special place, now it’s just a corrupt shit hole! Unless the Mexican government takes back the control of it’s country from the cartels, I could care less if that place burns to the ground!

  11. vailcomp November 4, 2010

    I agree- the greed and corruption will probably prevail, the Mexican developers don’t care. Also who in the right mind would keep their boat there. I am very familiar with this exact area- had a place down there for 15 yrs- just gave it up- place is too spooky. Too bad lots of good people and good surf-bad place to invest in any real estate- I couldn’t give my place away- no one wants to go down -at least my friends so we are out of their- go way south much safer and not the bs of this area and the boarder. Hope they don’t get away with this the locals (surfers will feel it the worst) the business people could care less unless they surf

  12. admin tester December 14, 2010


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