Shipsterns Bluff Tow Surfing

Shipsterns Bluff Tow Surfing
Filmed by Dave Otto

Shipsterns Bluff is one of the heaviest and mutant slabs the surf world has seen so far. A group of dedicated surfers take it to the next level with some tow surfing on a massive day. Amazing Barrels and Brutal Wipeouts is the only way to describe the session. This video was filmed by Dave Otto, posted on Vimeo, from a very unique vantage point uncommon to the majority of footage seen from Shipsterns Bluff. The chargers this day consisted of Caleb Mclean, Danny Griffith, James Hollmer Cross, Marti Paradisis, and Sandy Ryan.

If you want to see more amazing footage from film maker Dave Otto then please visit his website:


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  1. jaydee
    jaydee November 27, 2011

    yikes! This looks so fun!

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