"Developed for professional use, but at a consumer price, the HD HERO line of wearable cameras capture full HD video rivaling cameras costing 10x the price. How? Our team consists of some of the the brightest minds in Silicon Valley who also happen to be obsessed with outdoor sports, race cars, and all things moto. Athletic super geeks? Indeed." - Go Pro

Hello Surfshot User,

We have recently tested some Go Pro Surf Hero's here at Surfshot and are stoked to report that they are one of the best personal technogical devices on the market for a surfer.

Go Pro provides every surfer in the world, the ability to capture the best moments of their surfing lives in HD video.   Every moment in the ocean riding waves can now be documented by the surfers riding them.  When someone says, "It was a 5 second barrel" or "I boosted so high on that wave" they can now show their friends the HD video.

The fact that the Go Pro Surf Hero HD is inexpensive, under $300 which costs less than a new board, it then makes it accessible to a wide spectrum of users from young to old.   A 13 year old who can use a cell phone will be able to use Go Pro Surf Hero to record his 1st rides.   Along with a person that is 59 year old that is still Charging.

Having been a professional photographer for over a decade I can honestly say that Go Pro Hero will have a major impact on the social media communicating and sharing of content between surfers.  There is going to be an explosion of fantastic surf media content in the upcoming decade.  Fresh and creative content coming not from big surf media but from the everyday surfer in the water using a Go Pro Surf Hero HD. 

John Cocozza
Surfshot Marketing & Online Content Director

Here are some product specs on the Go Pro Surf HERO HD

GoPro’s HD Surf HERO is the world’s only 1080p HD on-board video and still photo camera. Professional quality 1080p / 960p / 720p HD resolutions record at 30 and 60 frames per second (60 fps in 720p). Easily mounts to any surfboard in seconds. So light, even top pros claim they don't notice the camera on their boards.

The HD Surf HERO can also shoot 5MP photos automatically every 2 seconds while you surf. With the simple press of the shutter button on the paddle out you can capture photos during your entire surf. Other photo modes include 5 / 10 / 30 / and 60 second time lapse as well as single shot, triple shot, and self timer modes.

The batteries last for over 2.5 hours of HD video or automatic photo taking, so you can document your entire surf with a single push of the shutter button on the paddle out.

The included adhesive base mounts in seconds and is proven in heavy surf from Hawaii to Tahiti, Southern Mexico to Northern California. Or you can install an FCS™ fin plug into the deck of your board and then use our patent pending camera mounting plug to allen key your HD Surf HERO into the FCS™ plug.

Lighten your load on your next trip and use the HD Surf HERO for your non-surf related photos and videos, too. Optional accessories make it easy to mount the camera on your wrist, bike, scooter, jet ski or helmet. Tow surfing? A chest harness is available for that, too.

For more info or to order yours please visit the website:

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