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Glossary of Eco Threats for San Diego Surf Spots

Sewage spills are a direct threat to water quality as surfers can get sick easily if you surf in poo.  Spills are also a big issue for marine life because animals often have nowhere to go to avoid spills, they [...]

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It was just another classic summer day when my friend Aaron and I traveled up to North County for a surf session.  Everywhere we checked the waves were small and choppy and it seemed like just another day at the [...]

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Worst Spill in a Decade Reminds Surfers of a Constant Threat   More than five million gallons of raw sewage spewed into Buena Vista Lagoon in the first weekend of April.  More than a mile of beach in Oceanside and [...]

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$1000 Reward – For info leading to arrest

On Friday Dec 22nd between 3:30 – 4:30, my 2006 White Ford F-150 (8" lift, 20" rims, grill, ect.) was stolen from Pipes beach in Cardiff.  In it among other things was a solid orange Al Merrick.  This board should [...]

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Going With The Flow: Classic California Soul Surfing

Join Mike Trzinski, the average joe surfer, who works a regular job, has a family and enjoys surfing to help him attain the much needed focus required to live a happy, balanced, and successful life.Mike travels to Southern California, the [...]

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Defenders of the Coast

On Surfrider Foundation’s 20th Anniversary, SurfShot takes a close look at what the San Diego Chapter is all about. By Patrick Zabrocki Here is a little reminder of why the Surfrider Foundation was created: * Fourteen billion pounds of garbage [...]

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