Philippines Surf News: Billabong Surf School (La Union, Philippines) gets Stoked with Travel Factory

 Travel Factor, the Philippines ' biggest adventure tour company, kicked off the 2nd Annual Surfvivor Challenge with hundreds of Manila surfers at the Billabong Surf School in La Union, epicenter of the island nation's rapidly-growing surf scene. The Surfvivor Challenge event, sponsored by Billabong and local partner Stoked Inc., the Philippines' pioneer and biggest boardsports retailer, was a weekend that saw novices surfing their hearts (and guts) out, busting up their new skills (and some ankles) in a fun competition, and having a ridiculously good time at the Urbiztondo beach break in San Juan, La Union province. The tandem division, which permitted the surfing greenhorns to compete alongside their favourite instructors from the Billabong Surf School 's professional staff of local surfers, saw a super-stoked Osmund Cabrera win the day (and the corn-on-the-cob smile) together with his coach, local boy Rey "Ambot" De Las Alas. "These guys really did a terrific job especially as some of them have only surfed a few times," says Stoked Inc. President JV Borromeo. "At the end of the day, it's a good reminder to us all that the best surfer is definitely the one who still has the most fun." In the solo beginner's surf division, an elated teenage Pat Payumo took the honours after scoring a sweet long ride in the perishing minutes of the final. "I'm so amped to win here at the Billabong Surf School , and I just had such a great time," exclaims Pat. "I hope I can surf as well as "Kuya" Luke one day." "Kuya" Luke is none other than 25-year old Filipino-Australian surfer Luke Landrigan, owner of The Billabong Surf School in La Union, who was impressed with the attendance, and more importantly, at the delight and effort with which the newbies took to the surf. "It's always been my dream to let all Filipinos try out the joys of surfing," says Luke, "and companies like Travel Factor really help out in getting this done, and quickly and efficiently at that. Seeing all the fun and the craziness here this weekend really makes it all worthwhile." "Travel Factor's adventure tours and  the annual Surfvivor Challenge event really go a long way in promoting surfing in the Philippines ," says Stoked Inc. Creative and Marketing Director Mumph Ruiz. "Perhaps as early as five years ago, we never thought in our wildest dreams that we'd see thousands of Filipinos try out surfing. With the massive Philippine surfing boom these days, I reckon we'll be able to bring surfing and its accompanying benefits of  jobs and commerce to many small seaside towns…we'll bring more than a few smiles to people's faces as well," says Mumph. Team Travel Factor is composed of owners and adventurers Leia Nagal, Michelle "Tikoy" Tan,  Reg Mamaril, and Cedric Valera. From their modest beginnings of organizing surf trips to La Union, the group has gone on to package tours to  numerous places for adventure around the Philippines ' 7.107 islands. Travel Factor would like to thank its sponsors and partners: Stoked Inc., Billabong, JV Borromeo, Luke Landrigan, The Billabong Surf School (San Juan, La Union), The San Juan Surf Shop, The San Juan Surf Resort (aka Surf Camp), Antonov Vodka, The J&S Surf Shop, Golden Breed, and Sanuk, Lemon Dines and The La Union Surf Club -- by Joncy Sumulong Travel Factor's 2nd Annual Surfvivor Challenge @ The Billabong Surf School (La Union) Results: Surfvivor Tandem Newbie Division 1st – Osmund Cabrera 2nd – Tee Suguitan 3rd – Kris Morales 4th – Rudolf Chua Surfvivor Solo Novice Division 1st – Pat Payumo 2nd – Jonathan Ong 3rd – Erving Lanot 4th – Mark Go
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