No Fear is aiming to ratchet up the interest and overall experience for competitors and spectators a


No Fear to Roll Out “Instant Heat Replays”, a $25,000 Dice Game, and More at NSSA Nationals  

In its first year as the event’s title sponsor, No Fear is aiming to ratchet up the interest and overall experience for competitors and spectators at the upcoming NSSA National Championships, June 26-30 at Lower Trestles. According to Britt Galland, No Fear’s VP of Marketing, the company will roll out a few exciting and innovative twists.  

$25 Grand Up for Grabs in “That’s How We Roll”

“NSSA competitors who place first, second, or third in their heat will get a shot at $25,000 in No Fear’s “That’s How We Roll,” dice game, Galland said. “The first NSSA contestant to spell out “NO FEAR” by rolling a set of 6 lettered dice will walk away with $25k!”  

See Me on the Big Screen

In the No Fear Lounge on the beach, contest heats will be recorded and replayed on a widescreen plasma TV. “This will allow NSSA competitors to critique their own surfing performances and see how they stack up to the competition,” said Galland. Refreshments will also be available in the No Fear Lounge area, including shave ice, hot dogs, and No Fear Energy Drink. 

In January of this year, No Fear and the NSSA inked a three-year deal for No Fear to serve as the new title sponsor for the NSSA Championships. These include the Interscholastic State Championships, East Coast and West Coast Championships, and the grand finale—the NSSA National Championships. 

Held each June at Salt Creek and Lower Trestles, the NSSA National Championships are widely regarded as the “Super Bowl” of youth surfing with over 1,000 competitors showcasing their skills during the nine-day event.  Many top World Championship Tour (WCT) surfers are former NSSA National Champs, including Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, Bobby Martinez, Damien Hobgood, Taylor Knox, Cory Lopez, Bruce Irons, CJ Hobgood, Fred Patacchia and Chris Ward. 

In another development, No Fear and the NSSA have created “the Sweet Sixteen,” an NSSA specialty contest embedded within a World Qualifying Series (WQS) professional contest. The Sixteen NSSA competitors who will be invited to participate in the “Sweet 16” will be announced at the NSSA Nationals Awards Banquet.  “There’s never been this type of bridge connecting an NSSA event to an ASP / WQS event,” Galland said. “The winner of the NSSA Sweet 16 will earn the wildcard slot in the No Fear sponsored Mexican Surf Fiesta—a 2-Star WQS event scheduled for October  4-6, 2007 at San Miguel Beach, in Northern Baja, Mexico.      

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