JHP Surfboards Releases V-Flex Technology

This should blow your skirt up.

"V-Flex is a radical departure from traditional board construction that results in an absurdly  light weight board with a crisp reflexive feel.  It's tough as hell too." 

V-Flex is a combination of a high density foam stringer combined with Vectran® made of liquid crystal polymer fibers used by NASA.  VECTRAN is effective in absorbing vibration & pound for pound Vectran fiber is 5 X stronger than steel & 10X stronger than aluminum.  Combined with a thin layer of carbon fiber we achieve the lightest performance surfboard weighing under 5 lbs.  V-FLEX reacts quickly & projects from turns with power.  V-FLEX is recommended a16th to  an 8th in. thinner due to the light weight construction.

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