How is your local break affected by these Eco Threats?


Rated on a scale of 1 through 5; 5 being most impacted and 1 being least impacted.  The numbers are estimates and intended for public awareness, not intended for scientific use.  Urban runoff and sewage spills have two numbers representing the impact during dry conditions and rain events.  For example 1 / 5 would mean no impact when it’s dry and there could big problems when it rains.

Urban Runoff            = 1 / 5
Seawalls / Structures = 2
Sewage Spill             = 2 / 3
Litter                          = 5

Notes: Located near the mouth of the SD River, OB is most impacted by sewage spills into the river.  There have also been occasional spills from a sewer line beneath the pier.

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