Ezekiel/ Sun Diego Finale

by Igor Sebastian

Event #8 of the Ezekiel/Sun Diego Pro-Am Surf Series was the last contest of the season with 3000 points at stake for each division winner. This AAA rated event is the highest rated contest of the eight-contest series so all competitors are looking to have a big finish, hoping to push their season long point totals into the top three for the season.

The contest took place June 5-6 at the fabled Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach. The scene was set for all eight amateur divisions on Saturday with perfect, hot sunny weather, tons of spectators and a perfect, peaky 3-4 foot swell coming through. The waves were pretty much all time Crystal Pier on that Saturday, even the locals were saying that it was the best the spot has been all year! So the competitors all had the perfect setting to light it up and come up with a big finish for the Championship. The competition level was super high all weekend because with triple points on the line a competitor can come from outside of the top 10 and possibly finish in the top 5 with a good result. There were definitely some grudge matches on tap as the jockeying for top 3 in the overall points race was really close in some of the divisions, namely in the Pro-Am, Mens Open and Womens Open.

On Sunday the conditions were far less favorable but still very contestable for the Pro-Am division and the Adio Airshow. There was an early morning southwind, a slight drop in the surf and a chilly cloud cover that wouldn't budge all day, but that didn't stop a large field of pros and aerial specialists from coming down for the $5,500 purse. These guys were hungry for the grand finale and could smell the cash!

The Adio Airshow was action packed with a $1,000 check going to the guy who could stick the biggest, cleanest, most radical air. Coming off a big win at Event #7 at Seaside, Gavin Sutherland from Hawaii kept his momentum going for back-to-back wins and a fat $1,000 check. Winning the last two events, the AA rated event at Seaside and the AAA rated finale at P.B. clinched the overall Adio Airshow Championship Title for Mr. Sutherland ...congratulations! Finishing second in the Final and winning $500 was Sean Marceron from Encinitas. Sean also placed second at Seaside and ultimately finished the Airshow season rated #2 overall. Placing third in the Final, also from Encinitas was Rio Flores, winning himself $300. Fourth place and $200 went to Justin Wiegand from Carlsbad.

There were a lot of big upsets in the Pro-Am division and tension was running very high on the beach. The points race in the Pro-Am was the tightest of all 10 divisions and these guys are without a doubt the most competitive bunch I've seen in a long time. SHOCKINGLY, three of the top four rated surfers crumbled under the pressure, mysteriously misplaced their composure and lost in their first heats!!! Points leader Kyle Knox, #3 Sean Marceron and #4 Layne Harrison all had a shot to win the PRO-AM Title but faltered early leaving the door wide open for #2 Justin Wiegand to steal the title and bring home the glory.

With a $3,500 purse being awarded to the top 6 finishers it was like a pack of vicious hyenas closing in on an unsuspecting baby gazelle. The ever-consistent Wiegand was coming off a big win at AA rated Seaside in Event #7 and appeared extremely determined and focused on winning the event and the overall Title. He advanced a couple more heats and made it to the quarterfinals, but his run ended there, placing third in his heat and just barely missing the semifinals. Catastrophically for Wiegand, advancing one more spot into the Semis would have won him the Title, but miraculously Kyle Knox who had led the standings most of the season was able to hang on for the overall Championship by just 20 points! Congratulations to both Kyle and Justin for an amazing stretch run!

The Semifinalists finishing a very respectful =5th and cashing in on $200 each were Carlsbad's Russell Fawley and Sean Fowler from Imperial Beach. Ripping their way into the Finals were Anthony Petruso from Malibu, Magnum Martinez from Oceanside, Justin McBride from Clairemont Mesa, and aerialist Josh Buran from Carlsbad. The waves were super consistent for the 20 minute final and it was definitely the best the waves had been all day with the tide going high and evening glass-off setting in nicely. Finding himself surfing the best heat of his young professional career, Justin McBride could not be denied a victory at him home spot, bankrolling $1,700 for the day! $1,500 for 1st in the Pro-Am Final and an additional $200 for winning the Sobe/No Fear "Most Radical Maneuver of the Contest" Award. Congrats Justin! Coming in second and grabbing a check for $800 was Magnum Martinez. Third place and $500 went to Anthony Petruso and Josh Buran finished fourth winning $300.

Thanks to all the competitors who competed in the series this season! A big thanks to all the sponsors who supported the Ezekiel/Sun Diego Pro-Am Surfing Series and we look forward to doing it again next season starting in September!

1. Justin McBride - $1,500
2. Magnum Martinez - $ 800
3. Anthony Petruso - $ 500
4. Josh Buran - $ 300

= 5. Sean Fowler - $ 200
= 5. Russell Fawley - $ 200

Sobe/No Fear "Sickest Maneuver Of The Contest" Award
Justin McBride - $ 200

Adio Airshow
1. Gavin Sutherland - $1,000
2. Sean Marceron - $ 500
3. Rio Flores - $ 300
4. Justin Wiegand - $ 200

Mens Open Division
1. Rick Takahashi
2. Shey Yates
3. Nico Becerra
4. Jordan Carter
5. Nik Wilkinson
6. Chris Munsterman

Juniors Division
1. Evan Luth
2. Nico Becerra
3. Shey Yates
4. Scott Hammonds
5. Charley Stevens
6. Tyler Gaudet

Boys Division
1. Chris Slayter
2. Evan Williams
3. Sean Bacon
4. Daniel Blase
5. Eric Snortum
6. Patrick Cairncross

Menehuene Division
1. Mason Hartman
2. Luke Rife
3. Sebi Becerra
4. Kirk Larocco
5. Brandon Wasserman
6. Cooper Jones

Masters Division
1. Parker Mcnaughton
2. Terry Gillard
3. Marc Kater
4. George Nelson
5. Nik Wilkinson
6. Chris Munsterman

Mens Longboard
1. Felipe Becerra
2. Pablo Smith
3. Curtis Wilson
4. Tim Hoover
5. Drew Woodworth
6. Terry Gillard

Womens Division
1. Jen Pollock
2. Anna Santoro
3. Alissa Lentz
4. Michelle Vincent
5. Zara Huntley
6. Chelsea Blue

Womens Longboard
1. Savana Star
2. Deborah Hoyt
3. Wennie Riley



Pro-Am Division
1. Kyle Knox 7,415
2. Justin Wiegand 7,395
3. Sean Marceron 6,470

1. Gavin Sutherland 10,930
2. Sean Marceron 9,475
3. Josh Buran 7,940

Mens Open
1. Scott Quarrie 9,587
2. Rick Takahashi 9,136
3. Jordan Carter 7,565

Juniors Division
1. Evan Luth 10,130
2. Nico Becerra 9,045
3. Tyler Gaudet 7,853

Boys Division
1. Evan Williams 11,900
2. Marc Everds 7,455
3. Eric Warren 7,333

Menehuene Division
1. Kirk Larocco 8,840
2. Austin Ganz 7,085
3. Sebi Becerra 6,416

1. Jeff Brown 9,460
2. Terry Gillard 6,976
3. Tim Senneff 6,870

Longboard Division
1. Tim Hoover 9,243
2. Richie Cravey 8,088
3. Curtis Wilson 8,038

Womens Open
1. Jen Pollock 9,860
2. Zara Huntley 9,306
3. Michelle Vincent 9,035

Womens Longboard Division
1. Savana Star 10,310
2. Wennie Riley 7,790

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