CSF’s Freedom Surf Contest by SurfRide Scores Solid Pismo


Sunny Skies, warm offshore winds and solid surf was on tap for the
third stop of the CSF's "Freedom" California Surf Series.

The day started with a killer pancake breakfast compliments of
longtime Pismo Local Rick Llorente and his Christian friends.  Said
Rick, "I want everyone to have a nice full stomach before they surf
their heat".  Judging from the heaping plates piled high with eggs and
pancakes I'd say mission accomplished!

The action in the crisp Pismo lineup was electric with standout
performances in many heats.  Some of the memorable ones were the Boy's
Division Final where Charlie Fawcett was on fire, snagging clean set
waves like a man possessed.  The other boys in the final put up a
strong challenge but this day was Charlie's as he flew half way down
to his hometown of Ventura on several long righthanders.

The Woman's Open Final was another barn Burner for local shredda
Kennan Reeser.  We were checking this girl for gills because she
literally surfed all day long!  She did run up onto the pier long
enough to grab her contest jersey and first place trophy, but of
course she was back out there for a sundown session.  Said her very
proud dad about her surfing addiction, "one day she decided she wanted
to surf and now if I want to see her I have to come down and visit her
at the beach, but I'm not complaining".  Keep an eye on that girl and
her huge frontside hacks.

What's up with Shea Roney?  The guy makes it through to the Fish
Sticks Final and just demolished everyone else in the heat?  The dude
was drawing some sweet lines and connecting lots of dots on his way to
a first place finish...  Did we mention the other finalists where all
14 year old super rippers?  So we tip our hat to Mr. Roney and scoring
one for the old dudes.

Speaking of ripping, Bert Fernando must have got the Memo:  Show up
and Blow up, 'cuz that's exactly what young Bert did from start to
finish in the Long Board final.  His all out, aggressive style served
him well as his power surfing was on full display with huge frontside
hits and finesse with his smooth footwork.  The kid was just beaming
light all day long and it's great to see him take top honors in this

The Juniors did what they always do; act cool, surf rad, laugh and eat
lots of junk while washing it all down with energy drinks.  The action
in the water lived up to the hype as spectators got a killer pier side
view of surfings' future with Juniors winner Levi Gregory.   Levi is
coming back strong from a knee injury that just a few months ago had
him dry docked.  It probably helps that Levi surfs Lowers pretty much
everyday after school and enjoys a solid spot in the pecking order.
At any rate the kid has really started to break-out and the judges are
responding to his full commitment style of power surfing, giving him
huge scores.

Paul Pugliesi is a super nice guy on land, but if you draw him in a
Men's Open heat be ready  to work, cuz this dude is on it.  Everyone
was surfing strong in the final but Paul managed to nab two solid
waves and he applied  his trademark speed and snaps while linking them
way down the beach.  Paul's lady friend was on the pier jumping up and
down, so stoked Paul had secured the victory.

For complete results go to www.christiansurfingfederation.com under
the results tab

At the awards ceremony Contest Director John Lindsley gathered
everyone together and thanked God for a gorgeous day of great waves
and fellowship.

None of this is possible without the love and support of the sponsors,
families,volunteers and of course participants.  Thank you!

Next stop: Oceanside Pier December 20th

Sign up online or call 760.722.6363

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