Chick Sticks Surfboards and Oceanside’s Lola Jade are a Local GIRL POWER Phenomenon…

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Oceanside Local Lola Jade has really made an impact on the Girls Surfing Market.  Shes been called a Pioneer in the Industry and what started out as a Surfer Girl making custom boards for herself and friends has turned in to an impressive Girl Power Movement now spreading to Japan, Australia and Europe.  Primarily a short board brand Chick Sticks has successfully made the transistion to step up, mid range, planing hull shapes and now traditional nose riding longboards.  The secret to her success has been to give the girls what they want.  Every girl has a hand in the design of her board so it truly fits her surfing ability and body type as well as allows her surfing to easily progress with the theory being 'you can learn to surf on a shorter board if the shape, style and dimensions are correct' says Founder Lola Jade.  Being a trend setter she has over 50 air brush paint designs that she offers choosing to not use any 'off the shelf' designs that just anybody can put on thier boards.  Now, 21 board models later Lola has  branched in to the Guys market with her Wikked Surfboards and an off shoot more mellow label Pacifica Surfboards.  'Im stoked to be embraced by the Surfing Community and Im so proud to call San Diego (Oceanside) home. Its been a long road and Ive been faced with many challenges and at times adversity being a girl in a guys world.  But I know this is what Im supposed to be doing and I Love offering a product to girls that helps thier surfing or introduces them to surfing for the first time.  For me, its all about Performance first.  My boards work for Girls they just happen to also come with really beautiful paint!' say Lola Jade.
Chick Sticks employs the best shapers and glassers in the area and every board starts with a hand picked PU, EPS or XPS blank. Lola Jade is learning the art of shaping and has a few Lola Jade wall hangers but leaves the shaping to a Professional.  You can meet her and see these Amazing Surfboards at her shop in Oceanside.  She is fully hands on working every aspect of the board manufacturing process so call to make an appointment (760) 908-8600.  Chick Sticks have been featured in numerous print Magazines, online media and recently in the OC Bring Your Own Board Television Series.  Look for Chick Sticks Girl by Lola Jade Swim, Surf and Work Out apparel to Launch Soon.
You can Learn to Surf on ALL of the Chick Sticks board models EXCEPT for the Little Screamer!!

PERFORMANCE Means these are the Shapes the top 'guys' Brands Make.  Chick Sticks took it one step further and offers 21 Board Models so theres a shape for Every surfing ability from Beginner to Pro.  Most are 5 Fin Option Setups that work for all Skill Levels and Wave Conditions for Ultimate Versatility.

GIRL FRIENDLY Means Softer Noses for more Control, Narrower Tails for Easier Duck Diving and just the right amount of Rocker, Concave and the Dimensions Girls need for Easier Paddling and Catching Waves.

Includes Full Paint & built with FCS Fin Boxes ~ Futures available upon request ~ Fins Sold Seperately ~ Add Your Name and Factory installed Go Pro Mounts!! 
Choose from over 50 Fresh and Original Paint Designs

Chick Sticks are High Performance Made in the USA Surfboards and are available in Poly (PU), EPS, XTR and XPS HydroFlex style…
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