Acai Roots – Not Just a berry, a lifestyle!


Açai Roots ™ is a  local San Diego company that features a full line of delicious and healthy açai berry products, formulated to exacting standards by local Brazilians from Rio de Janeiro, who were born and raised on Açaí. Our Açaí is considered the "cream of the crop" of açaí in Brasil. Our wild harvested açaí comes from the State of Para, where Brasil produces its darkest purple, and highest quality of açaí. Açai Roots ™ is simply the best 100% Natural açaí available anywhere! Our products include acai juice, acai sorbet, smoothie packs, fruit bars and supplements. The sustainable harvesting of the acai berry helps protect the Amazon Forest and support local communities. To learn more about Açai Roots™ visit

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