6th Annual UCSD Sundt Memorial Open at Black’s

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTThe 6th Annual UCSD/Sundt Memorial Open has been Rescheduled for the Fall. We will not run the event April 28/29.

Why would we reschedule the ONLY Pro/Am at Blacks for the Fall??

2 main reasons:

Insiders have informed us that the surf in the fall will be much bigger.

We have also been presented a scheduling conflict April 28 with the Quicksilver Pro contest at Trestles. Many corporate and individual surfers have said they would love to enter our contest if it weren't for the Pro Event the same weekend.

Since the goal of our contest is to raise $ for the charity, we felt rescheduling would give the contest greater corporate participation and therefore raise more $.

One of the prizes for the Corporate teams this year is a 4 day corporate retreat at Hollister Ranch at the Sundt Ponderosa.

We will be sending you a formal invitation for the 6th Annual UCSD Sundt Memorial shortly. I apologize for any inconvenience! Those who have entered will have their entries returned.

Best Regards,

Jon Sundt

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