5th Anual Malibu Invitational

2 X defending champions Timmy Curran & Allen Sarlo
WIN The 5th Annual Malibu Invitational!
A Shortboard Invitational Surf Contest To Benefit Jimmy Gamboa's TheraSURF, Lyon Herron, & Babette Ho.
Body Glove VP of Marketing Scott Daley attendedĀ The 5th Annual Malibu Invitational. It concluded with chest to head high surf with beautiful surfing, perfect conditions, and all around great vibes. With close comeptition all weekend long the last two men standing when it was all said and done were 2X defending champions Timmy Curran (Pro) and Allen Sarlo (Legend) making them both 3X Malibu Invitational Champions. Both champions whole heartedly contributed to this weekend's festivities and in the end Timmy Curran donated his entire winning's to his champions Babette Ho, Lyon Herron, and Jimmy Gamboa.
  1. 1. Timmy Curran
  2. 2. Quinn McCrystal
  3. 3. Nick Rozsa
  4. 4. Mike McCabe
  1. 1. Allen Sarlo
  2. 2. Donnie Wilson
  3. 3. Gene Rink
  4. 4. John McClure


Timmy Curran

Timmy Curran


Nick Rozsa

Jimmy Gamboa

Alan Sarlo

Allen Sarlo
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