4th Annual Kids for Clean Water Menehune Surf Festival


Sunday May 3rd, 2008, the Coronado Surfing Association hosted the 4th Annual Kids for Clean Water Menehune Surf Festival. With the support WiLDCOAST, Emerald City Surf Shop, and the City of Coronado, the annual event was once again held at the Coronado Shores.

The Clean Water event was created for Menehunes, with divisions (both long and short board) for boys and girls ranging in age from 5 to 17. Conditions for the contest were fair, as the 3-4 foot waves were clean early on. As the day progressed, the south wind rolled in, thus making the conditions a bit tricky for some of the older Menehune divisions. However, most of these surfers are so skilled, they were still able to find some workable corners and open face from the waves that offered up to them. The surfable set waves that did come from the outside eventually rolled into a shore break reform for the littlest chargers.

With the south wind picking up, the finals got underway and saw some standout performances even with the less than perfect conditions. Clifford Nies took home first place in the boys 14-17 longboard division and second in the short board division, as it was Tyler Smith who walked away on top of the boys 14-17 shortboard division. Sven Karlsson, Israel Dedina, and Jack Aldredge all took home multiple hardware in the boys 11-13 long and short board divisions. Aldredge won the shortboard division, while Karlsson took the longboard bragging rights. Daniel Dedina was the boys under 10 winner for the second year in a row, as was Malia Faramarzi in the under 10 girls division. Rounding out the top honors was Michaela Branscomb who won the girls 11-13 combined event.

All of the competitors received goody bags loaded with gifts and prizes from local merchants and organizations. The top six finalists in each division were awarded trophies, while the first place finisher received a Quiksliver/Roxy wetsuit courtesy of event sponsor Emerald City Surf Shop.

Another event sponsor; WiLDCOAST showed their continued support of the contest as well. Serge Dedina of WiLDCOAST helped to educate the groms along with their parents about our ocean cleanliness and preservation. Over the past year WiLDCOAST has been instrumental in helping to oppose the 241 toll road, organized the clean up of local beaches in south San Diego (as well as Playas De Tijuana), and most recently helped to raise awareness of the unnecessary slaughter of sharks. WiLDCOAST protects and preserves coastal ecosystems and wildlife in the Californias and Latin America by building grassroots support, conducting media campaigns, and establishing protected areas.

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For more information on how you can make a difference and take action to help keep your ocean waters clean, log onto www.wildcoast.net


Girls 10 & Under (Combined)

  1. Malia Faramarzi
  2. Ellie Nixon
  3. Trudi Nixon
  4. D’Amy Steward
  5. Avery Dozier
  6. Abbie Strabala
  7. Maddie Buzby
  8. Kate Buzby


Boys 10 & Under (Combined)


  1. Daniel Dedina
  2. Austin Dozier
  3. Jake Herman
  4. Chris Huges
  5. Marshall Aldredge
  6. Ryan Brown


Girls 11-13 (Combined)


  1. Michaela Branscomb


Boys 11-13 Shortboard 

  1. Jack Aldredge
  2. Israel Dedina
  3. Sven Karlsson
  4. Mason Copp
  5. Chance Bauldof
  6. Shane Cuniff


Boys 11-13 Longboard


  1. Sven Karlsson
  2. Jack Aldredge
  3. Israel Dedina
  4. Garrett Eyre
  5. Darren Owen
  6. Roman Milioti
  7. Shane Cuniff


Boys 14-17 Shortboard 

  1. Tyler Smith
  2. Clifford Nies
  3. Johnny McCaull
  4. John Hogan
  5. Nate Hoffman
  6. Luke Hoffman 

Boys 14-17 Longboard


  1. Clifford Nies
  2. Nate Hoffman
  3. Curtis Nixon
  4. Johnny McCaull
  5. Daniel Holigan
  6. John Hogan
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