2001 US Open of Surfing


Text By Scott Golden. Pictures by Giovane Nunes and Felipe Poli

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The US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach CA began with small sloppy 2-3 ft surf, but as the heats wore on through the weekend and grew in importance so did the wave size. With beach towels and suntan lotion in hand over 62,000 spectators crowded Huntington Beach to witness another classic US Open of Surfing.

192 competitors began the weekend with hopes of winning the elusive US Open. By Sunday afternoon only four surfers were left. Rob Machado the only American in the final had dominated all week having the highest single wave score (10.0), a sick barrel in the quarter's which received loud cheers from the crowd. Rob also had the highest heat scoring average (26.84) for the entire contest. There were two Brazilians in the final, Rodrigo Dornelles and Marcelo Nunes who both showed the California crowd the talent level south of the border. The fourth competitor in the final was the Australian, Toby Martin, who surfed brilliantly throughout the weekend. The last five minutes typified the entire contest as Machado and Nunes battled for waves on a peak close to the pier, which had been Machado's spot all contest. With only a few minutes left Nunes caught a choppy 4-ft wave that stole the lead away from Machado for the first time in the heat. Only seconds before the horn blew Machado reeled in a right, flew down the line and did two powerful snaps before falling on his third turn. The judges awarded Machado with a generous 7.23, which was good enough to seal the victory for the Seaside local. Machado might have gotten lucky on his last wave, but anyone who dominated the contest the way he did deserves a little luck.

Congratulations are also in order for the Santa Barbara kid, Bobby Martinez, who won the Billabong Junior Pro in dominating fashion. In the final, Bobby busted a huge frontside air that earned him a 9.83 from the judges, after stomping that insane maneuver the final was all his. Noseriding himself to win the longboard division of the contest was Josh Baxter edging out Josh Mohr by less than one point. The US Open ended in classic fashion: fair conditions, good size waves, and great surfing.

Following are the results for finals and semi-finals for the Juniors, Longboards and Pros divisions:

Juniors Semi-Final 1
RED - Byrne,Micah -- USA - 1st Place
ORANGE - Patacchia,Fred -- Haw - 2nd Place
YELLOW- -Ohno,Masatoshi -- Japn - 3rd Place
BLUE - Stang,Che -- USA -- 4th Place

Juniors Semi-Final 2
RED - Martinez,Bobby -- USA - 1 st Place
YELLOW - Monteiro,Raoni -- Brz - 2nd Place
ORANGE - Cuizon,Dustin -- Haw - 3rd Place
BLUE - Johnson,Dane - USA - 4th Place

Juniors Final
YELLOW - Martinez,Bobby -- USA - 1st Place
RED - Byrne,Micah -- USA - 2nd Place
ORANGE - Patacchia,Fred -- Haw - 3rd Place
BLUE - Monteiro,Raoni -- Brz - 4th Place

Longboards Semi-Final 1
Red - Broccoli,Lyndon -- USA -- 1st Place
Yellow - Baxter,Josh - USA - 2nd Place
White - Karian,Travis -- USA - 3rd Place
Black - Felix,Vince -- USA - 4th Place

Longboards Semi-Final 2
Yellow - Mohr,Josh - USA - 1st Place
Red - McPhillips,Colin -- USA- 2nd Place
Black - Moysa,Geoff - USA - 3rd Place
White - Northey,Travis - USA- 4th Place

Longboards Final
White - Baxter,Josh -- USA - 1st Place
Yellow - Mohr,Josh - USA - 2nd Place
Black - McPhillips,Colin -- USA - 3rd Place
Red- -Broccoli,Lyndon -- USA -- 4th Place

Pros Semi-Final 1
Red - Machado,Rob -- USA -- 1st Place
Blue - Martin,Toby -- Aus - 2nd Place
Yellow - Curran,Tim - USA - 3rd Place
Orange - Fanning,Mick -- Aus - 4th Place

Pros Semi-Final 2
Yellow - Dornelles,Rodrigo -- Brz - 1st Place
Orange - Nunes,Marcelo -- Brz - 2nd Place
Red - Padaratz,Flavio -- Brz - 3rd Place
Blue - Rocha,Renan -- Brz - 4th Place

Pros Final
Red - Machado,Rob -- USA -- 1st Place
Blue - Nunes,Marcello - Brz - 2nd Place
Orange - Martin,Toby -- Aus -- 3rd Place
Yellow - Dornelles,Rodrigo -- Brz - 4th Place
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