Trunq S.U.B. (Surf Utility Box)

 I consider myself lucky if I can get out of bed and surf before work – especially in the winter.  Cold pavement, a wet wetsuit, and a dark paddle out don’t exactly scream fun like they did when I was a grom. Nowadays I tend to hit the snooze button a lot more. But on those days I do surf, when I’m changing roadside or in the parking lot, numb, aching and chattering, and I see the guy rollin’ with his entire quiver in his vehicle, the hot water, the changing poncho and the cush rug, I hate to admit it but I’m envious. Then I came across the Trunq -- a surf tub safety box with cable lock cord and changing mat, it holds all your surf gear in the top tray and your wetsuit down below. If you surf, odds are you already have some kind of tub you stash your equipment in anyways, so why not step it up and go with an all-in-one solution. Retails at $49.99  Recently available in 100% Recycled Plastic.
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