Chick Sticks Performance Surfboards for Girls. Not Wimpy.

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Chick Sticks Little Screamer Performance Thruster

Chick Sticks are Performance Shapes with Girl Friendly Modifications that make it possible to learn to surf on a shorter board or take your surfing to the next level easier on models offered for advanced surfers.  Agressive Shapes, Five Fin Options Setups for Ultimate Versatility and Full airbrush designs make the Chick Sticks brand the Ultimate Girl Power Surf Brand.

January 2013 Chick Sticks is launching the Pro Series, a lighter stronger epoxy line shaped by Javier Huracaya and the XTR Team.  The Little Screamer thruster, Vixen 5 fin option fish and Hoochie Mod 5 fin option egg have been supercharged XTR style and the shapes have been redesigned to offer ultimate response and performance.

Chick Sticks believes a longer board is not the answer to help girls surf but the proper shape, board model and dimensions that cater to a girls smaller frame and the mechanics of how a girls body works is what is needed.  Chick Sticks is a 'shortboard' brand but has been asked over and over to produce a longboard and to answer that need we have developed the Starlette.  This is a traditionally shaped longboard which will be offered in a 9.0 length as well as a 8.6 for girls wanting the feel of a longboard but a little more manuverability.  The Sea Goddess Stand Up will be out this Spring.

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