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Chick Sticks Pro Series Stringerless Epoxy XTR.  Hoochie Mod 5 fin option performance hybrid egg.

Chick Sticks Pro Series Stringerless Epoxy XTR Performance Surfboards for Girls…

Most people have formed a negative opinion about Epoxy Surfboards.  Heres how Chick Sticks and XTR are changing the stigma.  Check out the Chick Sticks brand of poly, EPS and XTR Epoxy Surfboards for Girls at HOW CAN A CHICK STICKS [...]

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Chick Sticks Little Screamer Performance Thruster

Chick Sticks Performance Surfboards for Girls. Not Wimpy.

Chick Sticks are Performance Shapes with Girl Friendly Modifications that make it possible to learn to surf on a shorter board or take your surfing to the next level easier on models offered for advanced surfers.  Agressive Shapes, Five Fin [...]

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Girls Performance Surfboards

Chick Sticks Girls Performance Surfboards and Surf Shop

Chick Sticks Girls Surfboards.  Girls Friendly Performance Shapes for Girls from an all Girl Surf Company.  Visit Chick Sticks fully stocked Surf Shop featuring all the top brands like On A Mission, Exceed Wetsuits, Sticky Bumps, Indo Board, Cobian and MORE and [...]

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Chick Sticks Girls Surfboards 5 fin option Hoochie Mod Performance Egg.  Find it for YOUR Surfer Girl at 
Photo:  Lola Blake

This is the CHICK STICKS 5 fin option HOOCHIE MOD Performance Egg for Surfer Girls!!

Chick Sticks Girls Surfboards are performance short board shapes offering progressive five fin option set ups. Chick Sticks surfboards are high quality USA shaped boards for girls by a girl company. With the exception of the Little Screamer Performance Thruster, [...]

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Hoochie Mama fun board allows you to progress and turn on a fun board shape

Girls and Kids Surfboards (Oceanside, CA)

Girls Performance Surfboards WWW.CHICKSTICKSBYLOLA.COM $60 Ships Any Board Anywhere in the U.S.!! Chick Sticks is a company located in Oceanside, Ca that builds Surfboards for Girls. The concept behind Chick Sticks is shorter, wider easier to ride Surfboards designed especially for [...]

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Shaper - Rich Landerer
Rickland Surfboards
Portrait by John Cocozza Photography Inc.

Rich Landerer – Rickland Surfboards – Interview

How many years have you been shaping for? I have been shaping for almost 14 years. What was the catalyst for you to pick up a planer and start mowing foam? Well, I was an amateur surfer trying to go [...]

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Know Your Nose

Let’s face it, the nose is the neglected part of a surfboard. It’s hard to break down this one part of a surfboard and discuss it separately from the others, but start with the basics. How thick is the board [...]

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Where Have All the Young Shapers Gone

Legendary shapers like Tom Blake, Dale Velzy, and Joe Quigg couldn’t live forever.  Fortunately, while these shapers were in their heyday, a younger generation was in training.  Guys like Rusty Preisendorfer and Al Merrick were just learning the ropes of [...]

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