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Devil Winds - 10/07

“Devil Winds” – Surf Story

Devil Winds By J. Friesen I fell in love with a girl who doesn’t surf. She crochets. She doesn’t swim either, only doggie-paddles – won’t even put her head underwater. “Come on,” I plead with her. “Let me teach you [...]

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How is your local break affected by these Eco Threats?

Rated on a scale of 1 through 5; 5 being most impacted and 1 being least impacted.  The numbers are estimates and intended for public awareness, not intended for scientific use.  Urban runoff and sewage spills have two numbers representing [...]

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Sunset Cliffs

December 21, 2005 was one of those maxing California surf days with good weather and I wanted to document a number of different San Diego areas. A starting stop on my hit list was an early A.M. look at the Ocean Beach and Sunset Cliffs area. The tide [...]

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