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Broza Photo Art Raffle to Benefit Japan

Broza Photo Art Raffle to Benefit Japan

If you are in Southern California this week, please join us at Watermans, Hermosa Beach on Thursday, April 14th at 8PM for Broza Photo Art Raffle to benefit the Japan Disaster Relief Effort. A $15 donation will get you entry, a raffle [...]

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Devil Winds - 10/07

“Devil Winds” – Surf Story

Devil Winds By J. Friesen I fell in love with a girl who doesn’t surf. She crochets. She doesn’t swim either, only doggie-paddles – won’t even put her head underwater. “Come on,” I plead with her. “Let me teach you [...]

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Swell Times

When discussing California’s surfing history, which stretches to almost a century (depending upon who you talk to), there seems to be a relatively short list of epic dates when the coast was truly rocked by huge surf big enough to [...]

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Prattes Reef, El Segundo, California: Artificial reef mirage

What you may know is that about ten years ago Surfrider put in an artificial reef off the coast of El Segundo. It was part of a settlement with the Chevron Corporation after they destroyed a nearby surf break. You [...]

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Foo Fighters

What’s in your closet? Your signature shoe complemented by a pair of your signature surf trunks, or perhaps a mess of platinum plaques bestowed upon you by record labels?  Probably not, but for Chris Shiflett, Foo Fighters guitarist, this is [...]

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20 Under 20: Dane Zaun

LA’s South Bay is a little bit off the surfing world’s radar even though it is smack dab in the middle of Southern California, has consistent rippable waves and has a bourgeoning crew of up and comers. Dane Zaun is [...]

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Making Waves or Creating Havoc

A Planned Jetty Extension in Carlsbad Revives the Beach Structure Issue in San Diego By Patrick Zabrocki NEWSFLASH: The surf at Tamarack in Carlsbad has been spared destruction, for now. The Encina Power Plant announced in February that it would [...]

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