Serj Tankian

Elect the Dead
Label: Reprise Records
Genre: Rock
Sounds Like: System Of A Down (only not as good)
Rating: 3.5 outta 5

System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian has come out with his own solo album full of tirades.  He didn’t bust out an acoustic guitar in an attempt at a folk album for this solo display (See Eddie Vedder and Greg Graffin), nope, instead he decided to produce a full-blown, rock explosion.  The sound isn’t much different from System Of A Down, only nowhere near as good. The album revolves around Tankian’s voice, which grows a bit tiresome by the last few tracks.  If you’re fed up with, well, everything and interested in seeing things through the eyes of an enraged rocker, step right up. Maybe you can find the answer to the world’s problems somewhere deep inside the lyrics. If you find it, let me know so I can take all the credit for world peace and serenity of the masses.
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