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Matt Brown

Name: Matt BrownHometown: LeucadiaTravels: Fiji, Indo, Kauai, Oahu, Costa Rica, Cabo, all over Cali and BajaPresident in 2008: May the most popular puppet prevail!World Champ in 2008: Bobby MartinezFavorite food: Burgundy Tri-Tip at Seaside MarketSponsors: Marc Adam and John KiesFavorite [...]

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Nick Suhadolnik

Surfed Seaside lately? If so, I’m sure you noticed the pack of groms, or more like wave hungry, rabid dogs, who surf there everyday. They heckle each other, they complain about the old grizzlies on longboards, they do airs and [...]

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Surfing Shop Talk

Since the embryonic days of modern surf culture and lifestyle, the local surf shop has been a traditional gathering place for us wave riders.  Through the years, as surfing has evolved into a global, billion dollar sport, ye olde surf [...]

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Average Joe Doco

While laid up with an injury for a few weeks, I watched every surf vid known to man. I watched high-speed, punk rock slashing from the 90s. I watched slow mo, acid-induced, Bali barrels from the 70s. I watched longboarding, [...]

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20 Under 20: Pat Millin

While most young surfers are focused on competing and qualifying for the WCT, it is a refreshing change of pace to see someone stoked to go out and explore the unknown, traveling off the beaten path and forging their own [...]

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20 Under 20: Brent Reilly

Not many surfers pick a surfer of opposite stance as their favorite. But Brent Reilly keeps C-bad in the family and gives T Knox the honors of being most influential, despite their differences in the front foot. The 17-year-old Reilly [...]

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Save Coastal Cliffs

New study changes the way we look at how beaches are formed…but is it too late? By Patrick Zabrocki 68% — that is the percentage of sand on San Diego beaches that comes from the erosion of coastal cliffs, according [...]

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