Save Trestles

 SAVE Trestles
In an effort to alleviate chronic traffic problems along Interstate 5 through southern Orange County, the Transportation Corridors Agency (TCA), a “public-private” agency has proposed the construction of the 241 Toll Road Freeway that would connect with the 5 Freeway just south of San Clemente. The cheapest way to build this toll road is to direct it around the southern portion of San Clemente through land that is undeveloped, thereby having a very high level of environmental damage associated with it. This proposed route also threatens the water quality and the quality of the famous and world-class waves in the Trestles area.
TCA recently hired a nationally recognized marketing firm to battle the public outcry with finely tuned propaganda in an attempt to sway people from the truth. Groups like Save Trestles and Surfrider Foundation are continuing to push for the support of government agencies, politicians, and the public to ultimately change the project’s damaging ways.
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