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Our First Time

Some people, when they look back at the younger times in their lives might refer to them as “the good old days.” That’s subject to debate, but for me, things were definitely different back in our previous century. It’s all [...]

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IB: Where the Forgotten Play: Recollections from a border town

There is nobody around as the boys head out for dawn patrol.  The sun is barely rising over the Otay Mesa as they peddle their bikes up First Street (now Seacoast Drive) towards the pier, homemade surfboards underarm.  The vacant [...]

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Katie Westfall

It is all about the little things in life for Katie Westfall, like animated penguins surfing, acaí bowls, or the post surf nose drip.  But the bigger picture matters too.  That’s why, when she isn’t chasing down a story, Katie’s [...]

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Aaron Chang

Heralded as one of the preeminent surf photographers in the world, this month Aaron not only provided some classic imagery for our IB feature, but he also provided some valuable commentary for the feature about growing up in the anarchic [...]

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Ian O’Roarty

Some people cruise around as if they’ve got theme music – like John Shaft swaggering to Isaac Hayes’ Oscar-winning jam. Ian O’Roarty is one of these people. Only his soundtrack would be Slayer mixed with Dead Kennedys; and Ian would [...]

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Pacific Beach – Monday, June 19, 2006

I was right back where I started. After waking up at 4 a.m., I had driven from Pacific Beach to San Clemente and back hitting just about every spot along the way. South County confirmed on the phone; it was [...]

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Dan House

Name: Dan House Hometown: Ocean Beach Hometown quiver: Plus One Surfboards Hometown grind: Nicos Regular or goofy: goofball In 2006, the Padres will … suck like they always do. Favorite loc dog: Bobby Ducharme I hate it when … kooks [...]

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Banning the Butt

It’s official. San Diego parks and beaches will be smoke free after July. On the surface it may seem like an ultra-restrictive, pointless law, but this is great news for surfers. This ban will reduce the biggest single source of [...]

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