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Parker Coffin

Age: 12 Sponsors: Hurley, Globe, Channel Islands, Hoven, Sexwax, A-Frame surf shop, Dakine, and Mom and Dad Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA Local Spot: Rincon Nickname: Porksauce, Porker, Sausage, Meatball, and too many other dumb names. If you were stranded on [...]

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Sweet Natural Juice

In the time before iTunes libraries, YouTube clips and live web casts, a traveling surf movie coming to town was a huge event. Every surfer worth his wax would show up for it. In my home town of Santa Barbara, [...]

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12. Cory Arrambide, Winner NSSA Nationals

Every amateur in America dreams of putting an exclamation point on their amateur career by winning Nationals their final year, and this time around Arrambide had the good fortune to do just that. In addition to his win at Nationals, [...]

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6. Bobby Martinez, Highest Rated Californian on the WCT

Bobby Martinez has been on the surfing A-list since he was a little grom winning the Menehune division of NSSA Gold Coast events. His surfing continued to progress and inspire as he moved up the age brackets winning seven NSSA [...]

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5. Dane Reynolds, WCT Birth

A few years ago, Dane Reynold’s competitive drive was debatable; he seemed to favor the stress free Indo film trip to the complexities of WQS life. His ability was unquestionably there, but it remained to be seen what niche in [...]

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Save Rincon’s Coastline – Redesign the Bike Path

While a bike path sounds like a good idea, the proposed Rincon Bike and Pedestrian Trail will be disastrous for Rincon. Learn the Truth and Take Action to Protect Rincon's Coast Send a Fax. Urge Mayor Carlos Lopez, Governor Acevedo [...]

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Our First Time

Some people, when they look back at the younger times in their lives might refer to them as “the good old days.” That’s subject to debate, but for me, things were definitely different back in our previous century. It’s all [...]

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Ranch Recollections

 When I was a young kid, my parents would visit with a family who owned a large, coastal, working cattle ranch which was north of Santa Barbara. It was called the Hollister Ranch. I recall riding the dirt roads, shooting [...]

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