Pat Gudauskas

 If you’re an ASP junkie and ratings watcher you already know the bitter truth looming in the year ahead: In 2008 a Californian won’t qualify for the WCT. But Pat Gudauskas could be 2008’s sleeper pick. Gudauskas blazed his way to the 22 position in the ratings to finish out the 2006 WQS season, and though he’s fallen off the pace a bit to a 46 rating in his sophomore WQS run, we have to remember he’s only 21 years old. Few surfers are of the one-and-done mold. They usually toil in the WQS trenches for a few years before they gain the know-how and gamesmanship to put together a qualifying season. The ‘QS is meant to be hard. A grueling series where most surfers earn their competitive stripes, it’s the nightmare surfers have to endure if they want to reach the dream tour. I’m not sure two years on the circuit has revealed Gudauskas’ full range of potential, but with a small compliment of veteran knowledge now added to his arsenal, expect Gudauskas to hit his stride in ’08. He may be an underdog, but if he qualifies it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise.
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