Devils & Angels Warner Brothers has found their newest pop sensation and their name is Melee.  Songs like “Frequently Baby” will have the crazed young girls bouncing up and down like their mothers did to the Beatles. A few [...]

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The Alchemy Index Vol. 1&2: Fire & Water The Alchemy features two volumes, with six tracks on each. Fire, the first volume, is like a fistfight. The blood curdling screams, pain, yearning and anger are heard and felt on [...]

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She Wants Revenge

This is Forever This album should have been the soundtrack for that creepy movie 8mm with Nicholas Cage and Joaquin Phoenix.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Phoenix directed the “Tear You Apart” video on She Wants Revenge’s [...]

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Austin Ware

Austin Ware grew up in Riverside and was more into Big League Chew and a sweaty leather mitt than point breaks and new boards. Before getting too far into high school, the Ware family packed up and moved to the [...]

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At this point in time, each and every person in this country has been thoroughly briefed on the possibilities and the dangers posed by global warming. We’ve seen the alarmist scenarios depicted in Hollywood thrillers, complete with human-devouring ice and [...]

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Sean Taylor

As a surfer, a sales-rep and a stuntman, Sean Taylor is a lot of things—but a model he is not. Okay, the truth is that Sean has actually done some modeling. However, if Abercrombie & Fitch asked you do drive [...]

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Know Your Nose

Let’s face it, the nose is the neglected part of a surfboard. It’s hard to break down this one part of a surfboard and discuss it separately from the others, but start with the basics. How thick is the board [...]

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Austin Smith-Ford

Santa Cruz’s Eastside is proud to present its newest favorite son — Austin Smith-Ford. He’s one year out of high school and  taking his First Peak Pleasure Point skills to the world stage. Smith-Ford’s travel experience is already extensive, his [...]

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