Sean Marceron

This shot of Sean was taken on a crisp but lumpy, and mostly closed out, day in San Diego. The water and sky were clear so I thought it would be a good opportunity to get a classic fish eye [...]

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Sweet Natural Juice

In the time before iTunes libraries, YouTube clips and live web casts, a traveling surf movie coming to town was a huge event. Every surfer worth his wax would show up for it. In my home town of Santa Barbara, [...]

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Top 10 Reasons to Eat Less this Holiday Season

10. Your favorite vegetable is a fried pickle. 9. You just won an Al-Gore look-alike contest. 8. Your idea of eating light is “snappin’ into a Slim Jim!” 7. Applebee’s elected you to their Rib-Hall-of-Fame. 6. Your breakfast of Champions [...]

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Bowlful of Chile

From the maker of Fistful of Barrels comes a video covering the Rip Curl Pro Search contest in Arica, Chile.  Surfing Quality – 5 stars – The best surfers in the world. Period. Style – 4 stars – After trying [...]

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Surf Stronger ““ The Surfer s Workout

An exercise video that goes through warm-up, main workout and cool down exercises of a program designed by surfers, for surfers, to give increased mobility and strength in the water. Style – 3.5 stars – The production of this video [...]

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Hometown: Santa Barbara (via Hawaii) Sound: New Roots Line-Up: Kai Rediske (vocals), Catlin Peterson (guitar/vocals), Joe King (percussion), Adam Taylor (bass), Cayson Peterson (Keyboards), Joe Dickens (drums) Albums: New Roots (2006), No Time For Rest (2007) What Iration Is Listening [...]

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Hometown: San Diego Sound: Rock / Funk / Jam Band Line-up: Brenda Berry (vocals), Roland Gabriel (rhythm guitar/vocals), Bill DiBiase (keyboards), Mike Delux Cardwell (lead guitar), Serge McCoy (drums/vocals), Rain Samuelson (bass) and Jose Maldonado (percussion) Albums: Welcome To The [...]

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Hometown: San Diego Sound: Roots Reggae / Dub Line-up: Jared Andrews (guitar/vocals), Tom Robertson (bass), Stephen Silva (Drums) Albums: “Level III” (Drops in February, 2008) What E.I.M is Listening To:  The Dub Soldiers, Sublime, The Clash, The Descendants Download: “City [...]

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