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How is your local break affected by these Eco Threats?

Rated on a scale of 1 through 5; 5 being most impacted and 1 being least impacted.  The numbers are estimates and intended for public awareness, not intended for scientific use.  Urban runoff and sewage spills have two numbers representing [...]

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John Cocozza Photography Inc.

John Cocozza

John Cocozza Photography Inc. / Surf & Surfing Photographer, Bikini & Swimwear Model Photographer, Dog Photographer, Photojournalist, and Wedding Photographer in San Diego, California. Thanks everyone for checking out my page. I hope you enjoy all the photography that [...]

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Jen Smith

Jen Smith

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Pacific Beach – Monday, June 19, 2006

I was right back where I started. After waking up at 4 a.m., I had driven from Pacific Beach to San Clemente and back hitting just about every spot along the way. South County confirmed on the phone; it was [...]

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Josh Hromin

Name: Josh HrominAge: 16Hometown: San Diego, CaliforniaSpot: P.B. DriveSponsors: Analog Clothing, Dakine, Pacific Drive, Anon, Boomerang SurfboardsBoard(s): 5’10” Boomerang Teacher: My dad.Travel: Australia and mainland MexicoFavorite experience: Surfing a secret spot in mainland. Favorite ‘CTer: Taylor KnoxStyle comparison: Bart ReillyCompetition: [...]

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Jonathon Dupont

Name: Jonathon DupontAge: 19Hometown: Pacific BeachSpot: PB, La JollaSponsors: Hurley, Nixon, Etnies, Dakine, Smith Board(s): 5’9” RustyTeacher: I think the first time I went surfing was with my friend, Rory, and his dad. I learned how to surf with them.Travel: [...]

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David Dupont

Name: David DupontAge: 19Hometown: San Diego, CA    Spot: PB or La JollaSponsors: Hurley, Nixon, Dakine, Joe Ropers Surfboard Repair, South Coast Surf ShopBoard(s): 5’9” RustyTeacher: I first went with my friend’s dad and then started all the time.Travel: The last [...]

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Daniel Blase

Name: Daniel BlaseAge: 17Hometown: San DiegoSpot: Boca RioSponsors: SurfTech, Dakine, Transformed Clothing and Clairemont Surf Shop Board(s): 5'll” ProjectTeacher: I give all the credit to my dad.Travel: No, but I’m going to Samoa in October.Favorite experience: Looking back on it, [...]

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