This wetsuit company from SD created a buzz for itself in ’07 and is officially on the radar as the up and comer to watch for next year. No flashy ads. No busted claims. Just a good product – kind of refreshing isn’t it? They’ve quickly assembled a team of core surfers, Mikala Jones, Jaime Sterling, Flynn Novak and Derek Dunfee among others, and done in a short time what other mainland companies run themselves ragged trying to do – establish a legit presence in Hawaii. The company’s roots appeal coupled with its green product – a limestone-based rubber from Japanese manufacturer Yamamoto termed “Geoprene” – has made for an effective, unique and timely dynamic. They’re motto isn’t so much “Show me the money” as it is “Mother Earth loves Matuse.” It’s why they’ve received open endorsements from enviro big wigs like Surfrider Foundation CEO/ED Jim Moriarty. And the suits… well, they speak for themselves – warmer, lighter, more flexible, greener. Learn the name and look for this startup to have an even bigger ’08 than ‘07.
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