Josh Hromin

 Name: Josh Hromin
Age: 16
Hometown: San Diego, California
Spot: P.B. Drive
Sponsors: Analog Clothing, Dakine, Pacific Drive, Anon, Boomerang Surfboards
Board(s): 5’10” Boomerang
Teacher: My dad.
Travel: Australia and mainland Mexico
Favorite experience: Surfing a secret spot in mainland.
Favorite ‘CTer: Taylor Knox
Style comparison: Bart Reilly
Competition: I won a Volcom contest.
What aspect of surfing is most important to you? All (travel, free surf, competition) are equally important to me.
“Josh is a funny kid who, unlike some of his peers, won’t go bragging about how sick his turns are, but he’ll clown those kids who do. I’ve surfed with him for years now, and he’s always one of the better surfers in the lineup.” - Nick Jiampa, pro surfer
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