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Todos Santos

Two foot surf has lost its luster. The traffic has gotten out of control. June gloom has spread itself too far into the later summer months. I was enjoying summer so much in the beginning, and now I straight up [...]

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Gerr Goes Huge and Wins Big at XXL

To big wave rider Brad Gerlach, age is just a number. The fact that he turned 40 this year didn’t stop him from riding the largest documented wave of the ’05-’06 winter in one of the largest winters in West [...]

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Remembering Big Wednesday

The forecasts were claiming the biggest swell in 10 years.  Some were skeptical.  But as Wednesday morning rolled around, the buoys were reading in the 15-foot range at 17 seconds. We all knew we were in for something. Surfers woke [...]

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The Death of Baja

A four-day weekend is just around the bend and you start to think of the different ways to spend it. With little money to spend, your inclination leads you south. A friend agrees to put his life in your hands [...]

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My Mexican Mistress

It’s a simple border crossing. A rusty metal fence here, some armed guards there and in other places little else. Yet, when you make the passing of that invisible line from the U.S. into Mexico, it can be like stepping [...]

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Brad Gerlach, Introduction of National Surf League s “The GAME” format to competition

Competitive surfing has taken its fair share of abuse from all angles, for its “me against the world” survival mentality, to the “soul surfing” detractors who think surfing is stifled under structured competitive formats.  But then there are those creative [...]

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