Green Foam Blanks and ReSurf Recycling Offer Surfboard Recycling and Waste Management Programs

Green Foam Blanks and ReSurf Recycling Offer Surfboard Recycling and Waste Management Programs

First-Ever High-Performance Recycled Polyurethane Surfboard Blanks Developed,
Pilot Program Will Repurpose Previously Unusable Surfboard and Wetsuit Waste

San Clemente, Calif. (Jan. 28, 2009) – Business partners and surf industry veterans, Joey Santley and Steve Cox introduced two first-of-their-kind revolutionary endeavors, Green Foam Blanks and ReSurf Recycling, at the Action Sports Retailer (ASR) trade show in San Diego, Calif. on Jan. 22 - 24.  Both organizations, which received high praise at ASR, are founded on the platform of creating a “greener” method of manufacturing surfboards, disposing of hazardous surfboard waste and ultimately leading to more environmentally sound urban communities through the repurposing of previously unusable and somewhat toxic waste.

With deep roots in the surf industry, both Santley and Cox recognized southern California as an epicenter for surfboard manufacturers with more than 1,000 surfboards being produced per day between Los Angeles and the Mexico border.  Additionally, nearly 20% of the foam needed to shape each board is rendered as waste and inevitably ends up in landfills. This unusable foam, partnered with other somewhat toxic materials required to finish each surfboard, equaled an incalculable amount of waste coming from the surf industry.  These facts, coupled with the belief that most surfers would be willing to do their part to help cleanse the industry due to their natural relationship with the ocean and nature, led to the launch of ReSurf Recycling in late 2007 as a philanthropic endeavor.

Founded with a mission to clean up the industry, ReSurf Recycling offers the first-ever cohesive plan to recycle all surfboards and the waste associated with their manufacturing, along with neoprene wetsuit scraps from the cutting room floor.  Urging both surfers and board manufacturers to recycle old boards and manufacturing waste, ReSurf Recycling has developed a method that recycles somewhat hazardous surfing-associated materials into numerous products including asphalt for paving city roads.  Additionally, the organization has invented a method of producing 100% recycled yoga mats made using neoprene scraps generated from wetsuit production and has recently finalized deals with wetsuit manufacturing giants, O’Neill and Quiksilver to recycle all of its domestic unused materials.  Most importantly, both recycling methods relieve waste haulers and landfill compliance management companies from the necessity of filling landfills with surfing’s potentially hazardous products.

“As co-founder of Green Foam Blanks and ReSurf Recycling, I’m thrilled the nation has recently sworn in the first surfing president, Barack Obama,” stated Santley.  “We believe our efforts can directly contribute to the country’s environmental agenda.”  Co-partner Steve Cox added, “ReSurf Recycling has literally invented a system of transforming discarded surfboards and previously unusable waste into asphalt and concrete that can be used to pave city roads as part of our nation’s road to recovery. It’s our goal to have
surfers driving to the beach on roads paved with their old boards and to recycle the estimated 250 tons of neoprene waste that is created from wetsuit scraps each year!”

With surfer, community and environmental industry support for ReSurf Recycling even stronger than originally imagined in the first months of operation, Santley and Cox set out to take their surfboard recycling efforts to the next level and put to rest a 50-year-old notion that toxic surfboard manufacturing waste and broken and used board components could not be recycled to create new boards. Using a proprietary, patent-pending cryogenic methodology and working hand-in-hand with Sid Schneider and Scott Saunders from Oceanside, Calif.-based foam manufacturer Just Foam, Green Foam Blanks silenced the naysayers and created the world’s first recycled surfboard blank.  Matt “Mayhem” Biolos of ...Lost Surfboards was given the opportunity to shape the first surfboard using a recycled blank, which is now on display at the Surfing Heritage Museum in San Clemente, Calif.  After being tested by both top surfers and shapers, Green Foam Blanks have been deemed equal in durability, lightness and function as current high-performance surfboards made with traditional polyurethane foam. Following the lead of Biolos, top surfboard manufacturers such as Channel Islands, Rusty, Doc, Timmy Patterson and Pat Rawson have all shaped recycled blanks from the company’s first batch and proudly displayed their collective work for the entire industry to view at the Green Foam Blanks booth during ASR.

“When I first saw the recycled blanks, they reminded me of when recycled paper first came out, it was a bit rough, but got the job done all while saving resources and lessening waste.  The same can be said for the recycled PU blanks,” said Biolos.  “The blanks are a tad coarse with some imperfections and take a bit of savvy to finish sanding them, yet for the most part the strength to weight ratio is on target.  The specks of stringer and colored glue dust adds character and defines their look.  Starting immediately, we will offer Green Foam Blanks to anyone who wishes to get a board made.”

For more information on Green Foam Blanks visit or for more information of ReSurf Recycling.

About Green Foam Blanks
Using a proprietary, patent-pending cryogenic methodology, Green Foam Surf Blanks successfully created the world’s first-ever recycled polyurethane foam surfboard blank in November 2008, a feat widely considered impossible throughout the surf industry.  Producing eco-friendly foam blanks that are as durable and high performance as all modern day shapes and materials, Green Foam Blanks has already provided blanks to some of the industry’s top surfboard manufactures, including Matt Biolos, Channel Islands, Rusty, Doc, Timmy Patterson and Pat Rawson.  Green Foam Blanks are manufactured at Just Foam in Oceanside, Calif.

About ReSurf Recycling
Established in 2007 as a philanthropic endeavor with a mission to clean up the industry, ReSurf Recycling is a first-of-its-kind systematic solution to clean surf industry waste.  ReSurf Recycling offers both surfers and shapers convenient methods to recycle their old boards, wetsuits and manufacturing waste.  Highlighting its unique recycling methods, ReSurf Recycling invented a unique process of recycling used surfboards into asphalt suitable for paving city roads, as well as recycling neoprene from used wet suits into yoga mats.  ReSurf is endorsed by leading surf and environmental organizations, including SIMA, the Surfrider Foundation and Montec, inc (civil engineering).

About Just Foam
Founded in Oceanside, Calif. by Scott Saunders in 2004, Just Foam manufactures top quality polyurethane surfboard blanks.  Beyond supplying top surfboard shapers with durable foam blanks, Just Foam was originally created as a vehicle to support community rehabilitation centers by employing individuals from these organizations and training them with a goal to move them into mainstream employment within the community.  Just Foam teamed up with Green Foam Blanks in 2008 to help produce the first-ever recycled polyurethane surf blank and is the exclusive manufacturer for all Green Foam Blanks.  Just Foam’s supplies have been approved by the local Fire Authority and are authorized for use in the manufacturing industry by the state of California.  Just Foam does not manufactu

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